So rompers are like bodysuits but just not as tight. Great, right? They come in short, capri, or long legged form. You can get  denim rompers, spandex rompers, or linen rompers. And this means that any(body) can wear them. Celebs wear them. Pregnant women wear them. Fat, small, whatever, the list goes on. But how do you make a romper work? Let’s take a look.


Here are the short form rompers. As you can see in all types of prints. Wear heels with them for a night on the town look in the summer or throw a pair of sandals on for a day at the beach.

Romper4These are the capri-length rompers that cinch in the waist and has ruffles in the chest.

Romper7This romper is high fashion couture. I love the exaggerated hips and long legs. I can see someone wearing this to a fashion show or an evening event.

Leah Vernon

I am 25 and currently reside in the suburbs of Detroit. I am a creative writer, a fashion blogger, and a Stylistah. I am currently pursuing a Master's in creative writing. I love to travel and experience new things. I have an ingrained knack for fashion. I put things together (including stories) and it all just effortlessly falls into place. Follow me on Instagram @ lvernon2000

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