Gwynnie Bee may or may not be new to you. The site has been around but prior to now it was a very hush-hush, word of mouth (in the internet age kind of way) site.  People have likened it to Netflix,  but I think of more like Bag Barrow or Steal and Netflix had a baby, of plus size fashion. The site is essentially this; you pick your level of subscription and from 1 to 10 items out at a time, sizes range from 10-32 and after you wear them you can return them. $35.00 a month is the lowest subscription price and if you are diligent that could amount to about 4-6 items a month. Now, if you have spent any time looking at my writing you know that I am all about the savings, you would spend that much in gas going back and forth to the store, and illegally returning items that you have bought knowing full well you were going to return them later.  This is like the old shop and return scam without the guilt. At the $159.00 level you can have 10 items out at a time, which is pretty much a whole wardrobe for the week. as you return items, new items you have cued will head out to you.

Now, you ask, how can this be better? First of all, calm down , I’m getting to it . The site is offering a 30-day trial subscription right now. So for the next 30 days you can get clothes, try them, rock them for as long as you like and return them when you wish, free!  That is how it can get better. Is there anything else, you ask!? Yes, if you refer people that subscribe you earn free months of subscriptions for yourself as well. Just click the link  Gwynnie Bee   and please let them know that Brie at Curvy Magazine sent you.