Rafaella’s cocktail reception celebrating the opening of their new showroom and launch of their 2014 Summer collection on November 6th was quite the success. Some of New York City’s most influential names in plus fashion were invited to view the bright, spacious and wonderfully adorned showroom on 7th Avenue in NYC, in the heart of the Garment District.




Upon entering the posh space, the guests were greeted with chilled wine and champagne, while a nonstop flow of waiters offered irresistible hors d’eouvres such as sushi, Parmesan cayenne twists, lamb tandoori and truffle mac and cheese as well as several other types of bite sized delectables.



The smooth music was provided by DJ KStyles as Hayley King the evening’s coordinator for Rafaella’s cocktail reception that evening, walked groups and individuals through the history of Rafaella and their excitement to debut their summer collection.


The mannequins were lined with classy styles in size 8, patterns layered with bright, bold colors, cinched waist tops that many smiled at and acknowledged were flattering and sophisticated looks. Maxi skirts, sleeveless tops, stylish jackets and an entire line that screams, summer is here to stay, kept guests in awe of each look while nodding their heads in approval as they commented on the durability of such high quality fashion.



These every day looks were met with anticipation and excitement on every curvy woman’s faces. As the behind the scenes video of their campaign quietly played on the big screen, passerby’s looked in curiosity at the mesmerizing visuals. Suddenly, the still mannequins we had gawked at earlier were now moving images brought to life in our minds.



IMG_4079 On a night where the wine and food was abundant, the fashion did not disappoint. Although in the future, it would be quite nice to see curvy women working at an event catering specifically to curvy women. Some of my fellow curvy girls present that evening agreed it was difficult to picture ourselves in some of the clothing when the mannequins were dressed in sizes not really considered plus. Hopefully a change we’ll see in the future. But the fashion industry acknowledging the average woman’s body is certainly a step in the right direction




  After chocolate cheesecake pops were savored on and the evening came to a close, the same thought was going through every woman’s mind in there, when can I get that top?!

Kym Fajardo

Kym Fajardo is a published freelance photographer and writer with a particular interest in fashion, food, portrait and event photography in the NY/NJ tristate area. You can check out her site to view her work and contact her for photography and/or writing purposes. Stay updated with her fan page, and follow her on Instagram FreeSpiritEater and Twitter @FreeSpiritEater.

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