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PS I Adore You is a great story about passion, concern, and the willingness to help of three special women. In 2012 “PS I Adore You” launched. The store was created from the heart of a mother who’s 4 year old daughter was suffering from a form of childhood Cancer called “Acute Lumphoblastic Leukemia”. As with any family who has had this thrown in their path, they struggled.

However in the mist of that struggle Chelsea realized just how many other families where struggling with the same problems. So her, Ashley, and Whitney decided to help as much as they could and “PS I Adore You” was created.

This amazing store offers beauty products, and other accessories at a discount for everyday use, and they feature a child each month. They call them the “Cancer Cutie” of the month. The family of the featured child than received 10% of the sales earned throughout the month, and some additional products to help them out.

So far PS. I Adore You has been able to help dozens of families both financially and emotionally since their launch. The devotion of these courageous woman is admirable in it self. And they deserve to be featured on “Woman’s Day” as an inspiration to woman everywhere.

Cami - PS I Adore YouCami’s Fight:

Cami was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 4. Since then she has shown great inspiration to children everywhere and has shown that inspite of what is thrown at us we can overcome it. She is doing great and telling her story as well to children like her, and those who wish to know more. You can find out more about Cami by visiting PS I Adore You. She will tell you in her own words her story.

Cancer Cutie of March: Meeting Bethany Wells: PS I Adore You- Bethany 2

Bethany Wells was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January at age 16. She has struggled with a disease no one should have to fight. Her supportive family have helped her deal with her condition but still struggle with finances and the emotional turmoil they face during this time.

This month PS I Adore You is helping Bethany and her family with some of the financial issues, and support during her fight. If you want to assist Bethany you can visit their website and get some of the great accessories, and products they offer. It’s simple and your support will go along way.

These woman are inspiring many families that would other wise have little places to turn. Their determination, struggle, and passion to help others is another remarkable story of our woman and how one idea can change many lives.PS I Adore You- ScarfPS I Adore You - Scarf 2

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