Isabel Toledo1

What wonderful timing as we continue to celebrate Women Who Inspire this month at Curvy Magazine! It’s an honor to recognize Isabel Toledo in this release of such a stunning line with Lane Bryant for women of all sizes to indulge in her wearable art!

Lane Bryant sent out mailers announcing an exclusive new line. Isabel Toledo is a  Cuban-American fashion designer based in New York  who works alongside with her husband Ruben Toledo who is her Illustrator. My excitement about the collection grew with each piece I viewed in their look book. I first discovered this designer when the First Lady, Michelle Obama, announced she would be wearing Isabel Toledo’s Lemon Grass dress at the 2009 inauguration ceremony. The dress spoke to me. It said “Elegant, Chic, and Breathtaking”!

Barack Obama Is Sworn In As 44th President Of The United States

As I opened my card from Lane Bryant, the same words instantly came to mind about this new line.  I believe you will see these pieces worn by women of all sizes in boardrooms, dinner parties, date nights, and many other occasions. I love the quotation on the announcement card by Toledo, “A new romantic pop for Lane Bryant’s guest to wear like art in an easy, carefree, intelligent and modern way”. I could not agree more as I admired the straight but bold lines of black lace and gold tones as they shimmered off the card. I am looking forward with great anticipation to viewing this collection up close at Lane Bryant on March 17th when the new line arrives.

Isabel Toledo

This  exciting collaboration appears to bring fresh new options for so many women from all backgrounds, professions, and the many roles we have in our daily lives. In addition to the versatile appeal of the line many of the tones are just in time for spring! Isabel Toledo’s designs continues to inspire women everywhere to celebrate the unlimited beauty inside and out. If you did not receive an announcement card from Lane Bryant in the mail, be sure to check out this remarkable collection at LANEBRYANT.COM/TOLEDO.