Simone Smith PictureI was browsing Facebook one day and noticed my sister had liked Simone I. Smith’s page. I am not really into wearing Jewelry but was instantly drawn in by the jeweled lollipop necklaces particularly the pink one as I was born in October. The following week I went out to Macy’s and found these sweet jewel treats. Now I have started a wish list for the other collections that she offers. I am excited to start wearing my necklace to the many business  meetings I attend each week. I know the next business meeting I attend I will surely be the envy of the room with one of these dangling from my neck.

simone smith Pink

Her beautiful designs are so gorgeous and they have a very unique, fun, and flirty style!  The more I browsed her Facebook page the more I learned about her collection and her life story.

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In 2004, Simone was diagnosed with stage III Chondorosarcoma- a rare form of cancer. Her treatment required an invasive surgery that altered the appearance of her lollipop tattoo. “It literally looks like someone took a bite out of it,” says Simone. Inspired by her experience, the lollipop now represents Simone’s journey to getting well and staying well, and has sparked a desire to help other cancer survivors.

Simone Smith LollipopsThis was the first time I had heard about her battle with cancer. I have so much respect for the courage of cancer survivors like her and people who lose their battles to cancer in this country everyday. My heart also goes out to  the loved ones that support them. I decided to write this article just this past week following the anniversary of my father-in-law passing away two years ago. He battled lung cancer for a few years and it reminded me of the courage he had all of those years. I also have had a few friends and family that have battled cancer and it’s important for them to know we all come alongside them in many ways on their survival journey. It is so inspiring to see Mrs. Simone Smith take what was a difficult experience in her life and use it to inspire so many people and create something beautiful for all of us to wear in honor of the battles being fought with cancer each passing day.

I encourage you to browse her collection and if you already wear some of her pieces feel free to post a picture of you wearing it and especially if you or someone you know is battling or has has battled cancer. Post it in their honor!

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If you purchase any piece from the Simone I. Smith Collection, $10 will be contributed to the American Cancer Society.

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To join the fight against cancer visit the American Cancer Society site at: