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As usual  Team Adriana Líbini always welcome our four stations and now is no different. After  working with the Carol Santon fashion production team, doing research of the best trends for this spring, then we decided to create the Editorial Flower Rock. The editorial features a different concept of spring.

“Ask attitude, strength, much expression, colors, beauty and a striking graphic to convey all this perfectly, because I wanted nothing so light neutral color, beauty and graphic as clean as we used to.” Says Carol.

Editorial Rock Flower by Adriana Líbini Fotografia 05Rock Flower is a fashion editorial which showed what is most beautiful, modern and comfortable for the season. How the idea was a lot of attitude and beauty Team Adriana Líbini chose the Top Mayara Russi, which is very well these two topics.

The production of Tati de Souza, Artistic Beauty Studio Adriana Líbini, perfectly understood the idea and brought this beauty that speaks for itself, was simply impeccable.

“The makeup should have strength and expressiveness in his eyes. Chose to do a graphic makeup to contrast with the theme and bring a fashion air to the editorial, “said Tati de Souza about his work in publishing.

Adriana Líbini our photographer and graphic editor, gave life to all this with your eyes, talent and experience that you already know. “I chose to use a lighting contrast of light and shadow to refer the rock, but at the same time visual communication, though differentiated, more clean not escape the focus of the spring season that conveys lightness and softness.”

With the idea to show the new trends, the producer Carol Santos broke tips on how to crush and use the highlights of this delightful season:

• Let’s get ready, because it comes very citric, all worked in the Yellow and orange, super guy to the station, with its vibrant energy and joy, those colors are the stakes of many brands for spring 2015.
• As usual, they come back with all his might, however, for this Spring floral prints, which appeared in most campaigns, are present in various sizes, but especially in medium and large.
• The classic and timeless stripes can not stay out of this spring 2015 but promise to come and cheerful, super colorful. Adorooooo !!!!!
• Powerful pantaloons promise and come fluid and light, the Must the station, as it gives the possibility of several different productions, we can compose from most stylish looks next to the boho chic, so if girls play in these large pants and super powerful.

Our earlier Use and abuse editorial featured the brand JULIA PLUS.  We teamed up again for the Flower Rock editorial.  It’s becoming more amazing  working with their campaigns and collections.

Rock Flower, plus size fashion editorial was more a creation of Team Adriana Líbini made with much love, concept and talent for all of you.

CREDITS: Art Direction and Styling: Carol Santos / Beauty: Tati de Souza / Photography and Art: Adriana Líbini

Thanks: JULIA PLUS and Vizzano – ThinkPress Advisory and Consultancy