“Ella Danla is an idea. She is that part of every woman that appreciates herself and takes pleasure in sharing her style, grace, and beauty with the world.”

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Scouring the internet in search of the perfect clutch, I get a tip from a model out of New York City who had the chance to attend a bag and accessories event held by the company Ella Danla during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. The quality and the time put into each one of their unique pieces  caused my heart to flutter at this piece of artwork formed into a cute little clutch.

After being introduced to their company I had to find out more about their work ethic, philosophy and how I could get our readers (YOU)! In on the Ella Danla action.

What is Ella Danla ( The Brand )?

Ella: The brand Ella Danla came into fruition through my love for high-end fashion as well as a desire to provide the best quality product for her consumers. I made the decision to use only material and hardware that is artisan crafted in the USA, every design is treated as a piece of art and is influenced more by classic styles than trends. My unique designs along with custom prints on leather and hardware exemplifies the elegance of the product. With all of the passion and attention to detail that goes into the designs, they are guaranteed to last. Ella Danla is for every woman who has a love for fashion.

Even the name behind Ella Danla has sentimental background . “Ella” is an incorporation of the first two initials of a dear friend, Ellie, with the first to initials of my name, Lani. “Danla” holds a deep connection as a dedication to my dearest brother, Dante Lachica, who passed away from a motorcycle accident years ago. Not only does I honor my brother with my work, but I also named my son, Dante after him.


What are these elements of style?

Beauty. First and foremost is the concept of beauty.  Beauty as an inherent characteristic of the handbag, brought about by a combination of the sensuous, tactile qualities of the leathers, metals, and stones carefully constructed into simple, well designed bags that are a pleasure to hold.

Elegance. The designs of the bags are simple, yet elegant, fashionable without being trendy or gimmicky, functional and long lasting.  Every aspect of the bag has been carefully thought over, nothing is arbitrary.  They are contemporary classics.

Authentic.  We stand behind our products.  We search for the highest quality materials, from grade-A American alligator skins to fossilized dinosaur bone cabochons.  We make every effort to ensure that each piece is well made and will last for years to come.

Ella Danla Purse

Who is Ella Danla ( The Team )?

Ella: The team consist of myself, the founder and designer along with my partner Brian Levesque. I want to mention that Nikki Claudine our publicist is integral to us, without her we would not have taken Ella Danla to the next level. We all have our own opinions, ideas and etc, but in the end something magical happens and that is what Ella Danla is all about.

What inspired you to create this company?

Ella: I recently became a single mother with a young son to raise and support. I realized at that moment that I needed to rise above the situation thus making my dream into a reality. In my mind there really was not a choice since job opportunities were not in abundance. Also, I always loved fashion and I knew what I liked. So designing my own line of handbags came naturally.

Are you associated with any charity organizations?

Ella: Yes, my compassion goes further than family connections. I understand that the world could be a better place if we helped each other. There are many people living within close proximity, especially women and children, whose daily needs are not met. I am committed to helping them by donating 5% of the cost of each limited edition, exotic skin, or gemstone handbag towards a non-profit organization that benefits women in need.

I am also proud to announce Ella Danla’s lifelong partnership with Recurso International, a wonderful organization that helps improve the quality of life for children by promoting proper hygiene and health matters, empowering education, building classrooms, providing school supplies, and also creating opportunities for clean water. With every purchase of any of the 100% habotai silk scarves, Ella Danla donates $25 to Recurso International.

By creating awareness with these organizations, Lani feels fulfilled that she can provide high-end fashion products while also helping those in need.

When a client makes a bag purchase from your line, In the best case scenario how would you like that client to feel upon having your product in their possession?

Ella: We want them to feel confident, deserving and happy with their purchase knowing they contributed to a great cause since we source and manufacture our products here in America. We guarantee that our team earns a decent living wage with a fair working environment. I believe in bringing work back to the states.

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Our next issue is a full on fashion spread issue, How do fashion trends play a part in your design, if they influence your designs at all?

Ella: As a company, we try our best not to follow trends. We want to be different and original as much as possible. We do our own custom prints on leather and hardware. We treat every design as a piece of art. Our design is simplistic but very stylish. Everything is meticulously thought out.

We at Curvy Magazine are big advocates in fashion being available to everyone, All shapes, Sizes, Races, Genders ETC…What are your thoughts on the matter?

Ella: Everyone should be offered the same in fashion. No one should be left out. Fashion is about expressing oneself and creating an image. Fashion, to me, is like a book, it all comes in different binding, sizes and shape, in the end the book always serves a purpose. And that purpose is it captures the reader. No size, race, gender can define fashion. If anything, I think it brings people together.