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What am I doing ? : Heading to the mountains here in Las Vegas to assist with a photo shoot I decided to try on this cute little overall number I purchased online but never really had a place to wear it . Wanting to make a good first impression and look like I have a bit of togetherness, I throw together this little number.

How am I feeling ? : Pretty awesome, and  little nervous about styling and hair and makeup for a shoot with a new client. Lowkey freaking out

What am I Listening to ? : November Skies by Dj Carnage

The Details :

The Dress – Rose and Ono / ASOS Curve

I Purchased this little number a few months ago from the collaboration clothing line “Rose & Ono” created by Celebrity Make-up Artist Priscilla Ono and her best friend and Author Amber Rose. I purchased this dress for $88.00 plus $10.00 shipping. Unfortunately, Rose and Ono is no longer a thing so I found you guys the closest match I could find (For considerably less money). ASOS has their Pinafore Dress which is literally the same style of dress I am wearing for $27.00, YES twenty seven dollars.


The Shirt – Forever 21 Crew Neck Knit Top

I know no one wants to be basic these days but let me tell you, Being basic with Forever 21 is a whole new ball game. I love shopping in the “Basics” section. They supply everything from your everyday tank top to those little body con skirts in every shade you can think of. When I was looking for something to pair this overall dress with I automatically thought, Hmmm I need to be basic for this look lol. The long sleeve crew necks cost $5.80 and for that price you know I had to grab one in every color.


The Socks – Knee High Athletic Socks from Yandy

These socks are literally my go to socks when I can’t decide what to wear. I have the black ones with the white stripes, the white ones with the black stripe as well as multiple neon colors that all come with a white stripe. Just adding these socks to an outfit can totally change the entire vibe your giving off. I loved it for this outfit because it added a little bit of edgy-ness to an otherwise “Cutesy” girly outfit. These socks run for about $5.00 each ($4.95 to be exact). Buy them, Keep them and You will thank me later.


The Boots – Wet Seat Faux Leather Combat Boot

So, funny story how I ended up with these. I wore a pair of Doc Martin’s for the first time and I pretty much fell in love with them and had to give them back because it was for a shoot. I searched all over Vegas for the boots in my size and I went through the Fashion Show Mall here on the strip in Vegas and I stopped to ask a young lady who appeared to have on the exact boots that I had been searching for. She said, ” Oh Right there, at Wet Seal, They’re like 30 bucks”. Well, I walked right over and picked up these little babies and it’s been sole-y shoe tramony… see what I did there. Grab these online for $35.00.


The Sunglasses – Sunglasses Spot Retro Round with Metal Frame

I am a sucker for a good pair of shades. I was going through a little pastel goth phase so I wanted some accessories to accentuate the look so I went to one of my favorite online sun glass shops . There are so many different styles and sizes and my favorite part of all of this… Every pair of sunglasses are only $5.00. Needless to say, I have boxes of sunglasses from Sunglasses spot but these seemed to set the look off.


The Headband – Blooms From The Heart on ETSY

This little headband has been all over the country going to music festivals, I purchased this back in March on my way to Seattle, Washington for the music festival “Get Lucky”. I purchased this headband for about $15.00 plus 5 dollars shipping. I like this one a bit more than the ones I usually wear because the flowers are embedded into the headband instead of sitting on top of the headband. If you aren’t in the know that difference is huge because headbands that have the flowers attached from the outside by glue or being sewn on can rip off at anytime. If it is like these, They can’t come off because it is part of the handband which makes for more fun and way more hair flips, obviously.

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Well that’s all folks, If you guys like these outfit of the day posts let me know. I will try to do it more often. A little special thank you to Kada Castillo for snapping these shots of me when she was the leading lady getting photographed that day. Have fun lovies xoxo