XoXo, Target for Sponsoring This Post

A love and hate relationship can be an emotionally straining experience. Especially if it’s with your own body! For years I have had this inner fight with my body. One summer day I woke up excited about hitting the pool. I even looked into the mirror after putting on my swimsuit and thought, “My thighs don’t look THAT big”. This false sense of confidence would last me up until I had to remove my cover up. No one snickered at me, no one stared, and I don’t even remember any un-approving gazes. But somehow I had programmed myself to feel a sense of horror once the cover-up came off. Yes, this was pure self-sabotage because while I felt like a whale my family and friends were having a good time swimming. As summers passed and my thighs kept growing, I continued to came up with the cleverest reasons for not going swimming. Have you just stopped doing something you love because you weren’t happy with your body?


The emergence of more retailers catering to plus-size shoppers really started to chip away at my insecurities. I was so delighted when Target, one of my favorite stores, came out with their own plus-size campaign. The campaign included a new plus-size line modeled by some familiar bloggers. I browsed their new collection in awe. And—bonus—Target has free shipping + free returns so you can try out as much clothing as you want and return what doesn’t work. Finally, I could feel a little bit more confident about ordering online.
Seeing women that looked like me in the Target campaign gave me enough confidence to order swimsuits for this upcoming season. No more fear of missing out (#NOFOMO) on the fun this summer with my family in friends. My chunky thighs and all will be hitting the pool! And YES the cover up will stay off! Here are a few looks I selected.

DSC_00381 DSC_02391
I’m pledging #NOFOMO! I even decided not to include any photo-shopped photos in this post just as reminder to myself that I will no longer continue this love and hate relationship with my body this summer. I’m hitting the beach and not looking back! I know it’s easy to say that but it starts by finding a swimsuit you love. Here are a few quick tips for you to find your perfect swimsuit for your #NOFOMO Summer:

  1. Make sure the suit flatters your body type.
  2. Make sure the suit play up your good body traits and play down the bad ones.
  3. Choose the one that makes you instantly feel sexy!



Now that I’ve found some Target swimsuits I love, I’m taking the pledge to have #NOFOMO this summer.  I’m looking forward to going to swim week down in Miami with friends, taking some much-needed R&R with my husband on the beaches of Cancun, and I plan on who hosting at least one pool party with my CURVY girls! I encourage you to make your own #NOFOMO pledge this summer by ending the love and hate relationship with your body! You can find your style @targetstyle.