People-will-stare..-Madeline Stuart, a fiery redhead with a personality to match, is of the old bloodline brought over to the British Isles by William the Conquerer in 1066 (he was not the first). Some of the Norwegian people settled in what is now Normandy (France) and eventually mingled, or created the bloodlines of our ancient leaders in Scotland and the British Isles. Her family, like mine of the same name, settled in Australia, where she was born with the genetic defect called Down Syndrome and today is a well known fashion model.
Down Syndrome, or Trisomy 21 is a term used to describe an individual born with three chromosomes within the 21st pair (out of our 23), instead of the usual two. Stuart, was born with this disorder and according to Stanford, “most intellectual disability falls within the mild to moderate range. There is no way to predict the mental development of a child with Down syndrome based on their physical features.” So, don’t try to predict the future for these individuals, or Stuart. Stuart who goes by Maddy and states that she “struggled with her weight for a long time, and last year she decided to get healthy and chase after her dreams”.
Here she is found wearing Nancy Voo #NYFW #FW16 at Gotham Hall
Here she is found wearing Nancy Voo
Madeline Stuart, seen here modeling one of the pieces from the Nancy Voo collection 2016, at Gotham Hall, is a pioneer in the fashion world. She is brave, dominating and determined. She has faced the fears many of us could not cope with. She is a curvy model and a role model. She should be sought after, watched and admired. Any of those that seek self pity should be reminded that Stuart has not. Like her ancestors, she has conquered and accomplished goals she has set for herself.

By Rolise Rachel

Rolise Rachel

Rolise Rachel was born in Southampton N.Y. where her mother's family had summered for multi-generations. Rolise is half Hopi (American Indian) and Scottish. She was brought up by her Grandmother Isabel Stewart Geddie, an English Professor. She spent a lot of her childhood with Ellen Frankfort, a writer for the Village Voice. Frankfort was a feminist writer and is known for her controversial title "Vaginal Politics". Both women influenced Rachel with their strength, drive and linguistic skills. Rachel has written articles for International Magazine, Social Life Magazine and Curvy Magazine. She is known for the events that she produces in NYC and the Hamptons and the events she covers in the same. She is also known for her articles on Fashion and Travel. True to form, being a product of her upbringing, she continues to educate herself in the languages Hebrew and it's predecessor Phoenician. She also studies European and Ancient History in her spare time. She spends her time between NYC and the Hamptons.

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