Fashion is all about having fun, expressing yourself and creating a little preview of yourself to show off to the world. Being able to create yourself everyday is empowering and exciting if you play in your closet enough. Sadly, for woman of size there are not a lot of face to face options when it comes to shopping unless you want to head to a department store.


Jessica Hinkle of Proud Mary Fashion found a great way to put an end to the hum drum boring shopping experience most of us having running around the mall like rats and created her series of “Fatshion Friday” and “Swap and Shop” here in Las Vegas.

The idea behind these pop up shop events are to bring together the community to meet face to face as well as create an inviting environment with drinks and entertainment all while getting your shop on. Jessica graciously let me chat her up about her company, body positivism and what is next for Proud Mary fashions.

curvy mag proud mary

CURVY: What inspired you to create this pop up shop in Downtown Las Vegas for the plus size community ?

JESSICA: I just moved here from Chicago about 6 months ago. I recently put together a pop up a while back at The Velveteen Rabbit in Downtown Las Vegas, and the event went really well. Everyone involved was great, and the owners of The Velveteen are so amazing ! With Magic / Fashion Week in town, a few friends and colleagues that have shops in other states were coming in, so we decided let’s get something going together ! So, I reached out to The Velveteen about doing another and they were excited to have us back.


CURVY: Who are you planning on collaborating with to bring your event to life this time around ?

JESSICA: Well, The Velveteen Rabbit of course, And our vendors are, my shop “Proud Mary Fashion”, Ready to stare (Cleveland), Redress (Cleveland), The Plus Bus (LA), and Copper Union (Portland).

CURVY: Project Magic is in town aka Las Vegas Fashion Week, did this play any part in timing for the pop up shop ?

JESSICA: Definitely! It affords us the unique opportunity to all be in the same city at the same time.


CURVY: We are heading into the last few days of The Magic Convention… Have you found any must have lines or new designers that you love ?

JESSICA: Sadly, No. Magic itself is bare when it comes to plus size options, kind of comparable to the general marketplace. But I’m hoping to find an emerging designer or indie brand that can offer something different.

CURVY: Do you feel like the plus size community is being represented at magic this year ?

JESSICA: Not at all. We are still not seeing many brands making plus size clothing. It’s slowly but surely getting better but emphasis on the ‘slowly‘.

proud mary

CURVY: So more about your event… any surprises, what are you the most excited about?

JESSICA: I’m just stoked to be in a room with so many different brands that not only offer plus size clothing but are involved in body positivism. It’s not just business with these shops, They actually want you to love yourself and I think it will be really empowering !


CURVY: What’s coming up next for Miss Jessica Hinkle and Proud Mary ?

JESSICA: We are about to release a plus size digital fashion zine that I’ve been working tirelessly with my team to release. The first issue come out and we’ve already started work on issue 2. We just shot the cover last weekend. I can see a lot of energy focused into that project in the next couple of months. I’m also still feeling out Vegas, and the community here. I love the collaborative energy and have met so many creative people already. I definitely want to keep throwing events, so there will be more to come! And soon, I hope to start work on Proud Mary Fashion’s next original line. I plan to stay busy and keep pumping out this zine, great editorials featuring plus size models, and working on growing my shop! I’ve felt very inspired here since moving and I just hope to keep finding great people to work with and new projects to dive into.