When New York Fashion Week is in full swing the buzz can be felt in every corner of the city. From runways to high rises and even trickling down to the subway system, the fashion week take over is upon you.  This season during fashion week the ball game went a little bit differently than normal, With the plus size fashion boom taking over everything from department stores to online shopping meccas, fashion week was bound to feel the effect of the plus size power players.

Curvy Magazine – One of the 1st Lifestyle Magazine’s geared toward upscale woman of size came out to play during New York Fashion Week. CURVY Magazine teamed up with one of the longest standing luxury department store in the United States “Lord & Taylor”. The iconic 5th Avenue landmark was the perfect place to bring together a classic mix of entertainment and style. Lord & Taylor is known as the fashion and beauty icon of New York City: A hot spot for the sightseeing tourist to your local fashionista alike.

The Editor at Curvy Magazine were looking to create a one of a kind environment to entertain during fashion week and with the help of  Lord and Taylor’s  wonderful event marketing manager Stacey Karesh. Curvy Magazine and Lord & Taylor brought fashion, food, and knowledge together for the beautiful collaborative event “Curvy Night Out”.

Curvy Night Out featured some of the hottest and trendiest names in the fashion industry married with a fine dining experience from Chef Nakaya and great industry insight (and a few jokes ) from TV Personality and all around fashion maven Patty Hughes. I mean come on we have fashion, We’re in New York City with yummy food during fashion week, this is bound to be a great evening.

CURVY's Editor with Miki (Micheal) Tyson
CURVY’s Editor KeKe Simot with Miki (Micheal) Tyson

The Lord & Taylor store is a buzz with excitement and chatter, Beautiful clothing works of art surround the guest from wall to wall and the succulent smells of the dishes Chef Nakaya are creating leave you short of salivating. The fashion crowd is definitely present in the audience from stylist, bloggers, off duty models and a wide range of actors, tv hosts and socialites sprinkle the patrons waiting for the event to begin.

Once everyone gets settled into their seats Stacey grabs the microphone and officially kicks off “Curvy Night Out”.  Karesh gives us a rundown of what to expect during the evening.  She introduces us to the head of the plus size department for Lord & Taylor as well as one of their wonderful personal stylist  hosting the event for the evening.  Before handing over the mic, Stacey gives a very special shout out to our editor in chief Keke Simot .

Lord & Taylor’s Leading Stylist take the stage introducing the guest to all of the different services available throughout the department store, the special prices for those in attendance.  Lord & Taylor likes to pride itself for bringing together people from all walks of life and being able to do so by offering affordable luxury.

CURVY”s Style Director Lizzie Miller

The first round of models appeared to greet the audience. Kristen, Delilah, Ganaya and Maggie. This fierce foursome individually hit the stage modeling looks from Love and Legend, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Junarose, and Sam Edelman.  The ladies came out in a super cute cutout dress from Love and Legend,  Michael Kors baby blue pleated dress, a sassy purple Eileen Fisher dress paired with a long full leather trimmed vest by Ralph Lauren and closing out this walk was a beautiful day to evening dress in navy blue by Juna Rose.



As we hear the Dj start the tunes we know it is time to get a glimpse at some more fashion. Our amazing models grace the stage for round 2. Kristen is wearing a cute baby pink tie shirt and jeans from Jessica Simpson’s line paired with a nice nude shoe from Sam Edelman. Next up is Delilah in Melissa Mccarthy and Alex Evening wearing a floral sleeveless top with a multi level skirt. Here comes Genaya rocking an all black lace number by Junarose and rounding up the pack is Maggie in some super cute and super comfy purple and black activewear by Calvin Klein.

Taking a brief intermission from the runway presentation the Sales Director Rosanna and Junior Account Executive Alyssa for Junarose come out to speak with the audience about their company.


Taking a brief intermission from the runway presentation the Sales Director and Junior Account Executive for Junarose come out to speak with the audience about their company. We are a contemporary curvy, lifestyle brand so you are going to see a lot of day to dinner looks and multiple vintage inspired pieces, for fall we are the most excited about our outerwear collection. We have motorcycle jackets, abstract cardigans and even a lace bomber jacket.  We list lace under a must have for the fall season, it goes great with everything and can spice up a good contemporary look.

Junarose also donated some garments to be given away to one lucky member of the audience during the Curvy Night Out event.


The celebrity stylist “Styles Lewis” and Miki Tyson were a part of the audience and we got the chance to chat up Miki about her favorite plus size fashion trends.

 Miki Tyson was asked how she was feeling about fashion week and what does a fashionista like her wear out during this time ?

I am always excited for fashion week and the look today is really trendy. The reconstructed jeans with a lightweight vest and a little lace top.  I personally love little crop tops paired with a nice jacket. I also love a good hi-low dress. Especially for us plus size ladies they are nice to cover up this backend. – Miki Tyson

Closing out the event, the models walk the runway one last time. This last round we are left with our mouths wide open with the gorgeous fashion presented for us. First we get an upscale take on the classic boho chic look with a bohemian dress by Jessica Simpson, following that look love and legend gives up the nerdy chic with a plaid long cut button down worn with a pair of jeans from Melissa Mccarthy’s collection. The last two looks closing out the runway are a beautiful green sweater and top combination by Eileen Fisher with another pair of Melissa Mccarthy jeans and last but definitely not least is a super fashion forward look also by Melissa Mccarthy featuring a light pink ruffle shirt and a pair of high waist magenta pants.

We also want to thank everyone that was involved to make this event come to life. Thank you Lord & Taylor, The Models, Chef Nakaya, All of the clothing brands, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and their amazing makeup artist, Styles Lewis and Miki Tyson and everyone one we don’t have listed. Thank you for creating a successful event with an amazing crowd, Until next time lovies <3