I will be the first to admit that going to the gym as a plus size woman with a larger chest , can be a bit discouraging at times. Either we get stuck with ill-fitting tops to situate the girls for a good workout or if by some stroke of luck we are able to find something to secure our top half we’re stuck with plain black or maybe (and I mean maybe) even white. It’s 2016 and the millennial woman loves to look good in whatever she is doing, so why can’t us heavy top girls have cute color combinations and prints to make us feel cute and empowered during our workout ?


Well ladies, I have an announcement to make, get a pen and paper or screenshot this. We have found a brand that not only gives you great quality workout gear ranging from yoga leggings, to sports bras and even cute little ponchos; they also carry extended bra sizes all the way up to a size J cup. Now that’s what I am talking about !


Active Ego hailing from Dallas, Texas is a plus-sized focused active wear brand. Active Ego features curve-friendly, fashion-forward designs in transitional active wear. They also carry the cutest workout tee’s and accessories.  AE seeks to empower today’s woman to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. Dispelling societal myths associated with the plus-size community and making us feel phenomenal and look great in stylishly flattering apparel.

The team over at Active Ego taught us that statistically, the average breast cup size is 34DD (equal to size “E”), yet the athleisure undergarments and bras available on the market for this “average” cup size are basic in design and unappealing. As an answer to fashion’s void, Active Ego now enters — a brand dedicated to activating the fearless, powerful, and striking inner egos of today’s active woman.


Active Ego brand has sizes available in cup E through J, the Active Ego sports bras take on a life of their own, with distinct cup sizes personifying various egos (hence Active “Ego”) to represent the vibrant personalities of today’s woman – size E for Electric; F for Free; G for Glamour; H for Honor; I for Inspire; and J for Justice.


Speaking to the essence of the brand, Active Ego passionately responds to the plus-size complaints surrounding the current state of sports bras: ‘Tired of black, beige, white, and navy blue as your only options for sports bras? So are we!”


Affordably priced, Active Ego sports bras begin at $85 and up; leggings both regular and high-waisted (sizes L-2X) begin at $65 and up; t-shirts (sizes S-2X) begin at $35 and up; transitional attire of ponchos (sizes L-2X) begin at $105 and up; and varied accessories begin at $10 and up.


When you think of the epitome of today’s multi faceted woman, Think of Active Ego Founder Jennifer James. She is a woman of God, a woman of character, an entrepreneur, Wife, Mother and a career minded visionary, just to name a few. Jennifer is the Head of Design for Active Ego and is responsible for all of the design creations.  Jennifer James does an amazing job over seeing the day-to-day operations and creating the driving force behind the emerging lifestyle brand.

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