Each season the fashion world introduces us to a new must have trend that all of our favorite celebrities are photographed in. But are all trends trend worthy? And have some trend over stayed their welcome? One of the infamous trends that have completely over stayed it’s welcomed due to being worn incorrectly by so many fashion offenders is the choker.

Forever 21

The choker rose from the fashion graveyard with a vengeance, chokers were everywhere, 90’s style chokers, rhinestone chokers, flower, and lace chokers. I seriously wanted to choke the person who brought back this trend. However this trend could have had a better run had it came with instructions and disclaimers on how it should be worn. Here’s a few quick tips and example on how to wear chokers if you insist on keeping this trend alive, but I say send it out to pasture.


  • If you have a very short neck say no to the choker, adding a choker makes your neck appear even shorter.
  • If you have a really long neck opt for a wider choker to balance things out, you don’t want it to look like you have on an extremely short necklace.
  • When adding a choker to your look make sure that the top or dress you plan on wearing has a low collar or no collar unless it’s a button up shirt that should be left open slightly at the top. A strapless top or tube top is the best option.