There are a lot of shows that come out of the Garden State, from The Sopranos, The Real Housewives, The Jersey Shore etc.  With all this comes an element of Italian family, food and attitude.  The latest showcase brings this world from a beauty standpoint. The Style Network’s Jerseylicious, is a reality show based on the The Gatsby Salon, it’s owner and her stylists.  With all the bronzer, acrylic nails, stiletto heels, and animal print you can imagine, it has truly been one of the network’s hottest shows. They recently had an episode featuring an event celebrating full figured women and their curves. The event was created and led by Doria, a stylist and makeup artist at The Gatsby who happens to be plus size. It really brought great ratings to the show and gave viewers a chance to see the Diva in Doria! I am so excited to share my interview with a true artist on the rise. Her background is very similar to those from New Jersey. Born in northern New Jersey, she came from an Italian/irish family.  She is your typical Italian girl, who loves her large family and is always there for them. Our conversation starts off with an amazing chemistry. She is charismatic and genuine with a fabulous sense of humor. I was truly impressed by her personality, education and future goals. She has been extensively trained and has been licensed since she was 17. She has trained with the Paul Mitchell Hair Camp, Bobbi Brown studios as well as other seminars and classes. Their is no end to her desire to learn. Her beauty idols are Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown. She has assisted backstage at New York Fashion Week when she helped a friend of hers who was a photographer. When getting to know a little bit more about her thoughts and goals I learned a lot. She always wanted to be a Plus size model. Her two go to fashion lines are: Fashion to and  She takes very good care of herself and her appearance by always caring for her health, skin, hair, nails etc. She is truly determined to bring a positive stereotype to plus size women no matter what it takes.  In my interview, I got her tips and tricks on how she keeps it real and trendy!

CS: What’s it like being on Jerseylicious? Can it be difficult at times trying to get your work done while filming?


DP: I am always working, I have like four jobs and the hours are insane. Getting ready to film is long: The clothes, the makeup, the jewelry are crazy (Laughs). This is on top of launching my own business called: Stunning beauty, LLC (bridal hair and makeup): website coming soon!


CS: What led you to working in the beauty industry? Have you always loved it? (Makeup/Hair)


DP: I have always loved doing hair and makeup since I was a child. It was something that I was just born to do. When I got older, I got my license for hair and eventually trained and worked my way into being a makeup artist as well.


CS: I love the episode you did for plus size women. How important was it to you to show pride for your curves?


DP: I wanted to do something for the plus size girls! I came up with the idea for the plus size episode with one of the producers. I also love the store that I shop at called: Fashion to Figure. I have become of their spokespersons since the episode filmed. I wanted to represent the curvy, plus size girl and I wanted to make a statement for young, plus size girls from my point of view. That was important because I hate the stereotype we are given. It is important to let the world know that we are beautiful, trendy and love to look good.

CS: What is your number one beauty tip you can give our readers?


DP: Makeup: Wash your face before you go to bed, no matter what. Take care of your skin. Moisturize!!!

Haircare: Conditioning your hair and do not use too much heat! Look into keratin treatments! Use good products and please stay away from box color.


CS: What do you consider your signature look? How do you differ from the Jersey “smoky eye, bronzer” trend we see on the show?


DP: I like to look bronzed, but not orange. The key is blending it nicely. I love the shimmer look for your face as well and love the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick.  I have every one of them. I don’t like the smoky eye for everyday, but do use it a lot for special occasions. The absolute best bronzer for any skin tones and types: Too Faced beach bunny bronzer!

CS: If you were on a desert island, what would be the 3 beauty items you couldn’t live without?

DP: 1 lipgloss. 2 wave spray for my hair and 3 lotion

CS: Why did you leave the Gatsby and came back? That’s how it was portrayed last season when you were introduced on the show. Is the Gatsby really family oriented as it appears and conducive to the goals of their stylists?


DP: I left for a period of time because I moved. I basically left for about a month. My boyfriend’s mother used to be a stylist at the Gatsby and I grew up around there. The Gatsby Salon is one of the best salons in NJ. There is a staff of 40 and it truly is a family environment. Everyone is so talented and up with all the trends. Makeup done by me was part of the award that the Gatsby won for NJ fashion week for hair and makeup!

CS: Is there anything you would like to share with our Curvy readers?

DP: I want all plus size girls to know that you are beautiful, you don’t have to be afraid to wear clothes that skinny girls wear.  You don’t have to be a size 0 to be beautiful! It’s ok that you are not skinny. You can still be fashionable and trendy at any size!


I am sure we are going to see more great things from Doria in the future. She is on a mission to promote beauty in every way, shape and form. To learn more about Jerseylicious and its cast, go to


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