14 bachelors is currently battling for the heart of model and TV personality Toccara Jones on TVOne’s the Ultimate Merger.  CURVY decided to chit chat with the one guy who has too much swag for even super model Tocarra. Meet Motown’s own sensational crooner and Universal recording artist Elijah Connor. A commercial print model for brands like Armani Exchange, American Eagle and Saks Fifth Avenue, Connor decided to follow his true calling and passion – singing. Since, he has trained under Gospel star J. Moss and toured alongside multi-platinum selling artists including Robin Thicke, Barry Manilow, Fantasia, Michelle Williams and LL Cool J all the while looking like a million bucks. We love Elijah’s style and confidence and just had to meet Detroit’s most eligible bachelor!

Q. What made you decide to try out for the show?

Elijah: I saw the opportunity to meet a beautiful woman and I’m glad that out of all the thousands of guys that submitted that I was one out of fourteen picked.

Q. Checked your website and notice something. First we see you with Deelishis from Flavor of Love now Tocarra Jones. Is it safe to say you have a thing for Curvy Chicks?

Elijah: Yeeeah I do love curvy woman!! I love woman of all shapes and sizes.

Q. Describe your ideal woman?

Elijah: My ideal woman is intelligent, beautiful inside as well as out, loves the Lord, sophisticated ….honestly I like the soft spoken type.

Q. Out of all the guys are  you the most competitive or did you want Toccara to come to you?

Elijah: No, I like to be the hunter but personally I have never been in that predicament before where I had to compete for a womans affection

Q. Other than dating famous models what do you do?

Elijah: Wowwwwwww (laughs) is that all people know about me?? But to answer your question I’m a recording artist.

Q. When does your Album drop and who’s on it with you?

Elijah: I’m so excited the album its slated to finally drop later this fall the label gave me a tentative date around end of October.

Q. Everyone is calling you John Legend right now is that a good comparison?

Elijah: Yes, I think that’s an excellent comparison he’s a hell of an artist and I respect his music but with that being said I would like to think of myself as being in my own lane.

Q. We have to know are you still a eligible bachelor?

Elijah: I have tons of lady friends but yes your boy is still an eligible bachelor

Q. You were appointed SOS. What exactly does the Secretary of State of Toccara Land do?

Elijah: You know what we had in house responsibilities to make sure things ran smooth and I was appointed that title in the household but for the most part it was just to keep the peace amongst the guys.

Q. Whats up next from you after the show?

Elijah: Besides my album dropping in stores later this fall? Lots of options, I’m still deciding but I will say this you will see me again on national televisio real soon on my next project!!

Thanks for your time Elijah! For more info about Elijah log on to elijahconnor.com. The Ultimate merger airs Thursdays from 9-10 PM ET. For more information about The Ultimate Merger, Toccara and to meet the bachelors, go to http://ultimatemerger.tvoneonline.com

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