Curvy recently sat down with up and coming Rubenesque author Pauline Allan. The Curvy author, mother, nurse and wife gave us a sneak peek behind the inspiration for her first published erotic eBook “See Me” which is available for Kindle and Nook.  Ms. Allan has sparked the curiosity of critics and readers alike with her simply intoxicating novel surrounding the life of a curvy heroine with a less than ordinary job. Be sure to catch Pauline at and @PaulineAllan

CURVY: This is your first novel – congratulations! What is it like to see your name in print!?

Pauline Allan: It was very surreal. It was kind of a weird experience.

CURVY: Why did you decide to write an erotic novel centered on a curvy heroine?

PA: All of the books I’ve written are what you call Rubenesque or full figured.  They all have that central theme. This particular book meant a lot to my heart because of the actual style for the heroine and her voice meant a lot to me.  I wanted to have a full figured heroine but not have a story  that everything about the character centered on her body. And I wanted her to have a lot of depth and a lot of dynamic and to overcome a lot of things that a lot of women experience no matter what size they are. But for a curvy girl, sometimes things are a little more challenging I think in life.


CURVY: The book has some pretty intense undertones, such as domestic violence, why did you decide to put these in your novel?

PA: I work in women’s health [Labor & Delivery and NICU] , so I encounter the secret lives of a lot of women. I was very inspired by the stories and the lives, that I come across in my job because these women come in, and they’re battered women, and are eight or nine months pregnant and they are not only having to deal with the stress of being pregnant, and they have to balance that with the joy of the pregnancy but at the same time deal with this horrific life at home. And so I was really humbled and inspired by these women’s stories that I take care of. And that is really where the domestic violence aspect came into the book. It is almost kind of a shout-out to all of those women like “I’m here! I’m listening! I’m taking care of you and I’ve bonded with you and I hear your fight.” And it’s just my kind of way of shedding light on to that aspect for many women and what they have to live with. And what they survive with.


CURVY: Do you have a favorite part of the book?

PA: I have a favorite character – which is the dog! Of all things! Oh, I love the dog. I have a very kind of dark sense of humor anyway, and I have lead a very interesting and eclectic life. And there is a lot of darkness that I’ve experienced in my life and having a sense of humor is one way that I’ve handled that. So Melody in the story was kind of my way of interjecting that humor in all the darkness. And I had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi for many years and she passed away. And really that [Melody, the dog] was really one of my favorite parts of the book to write about. And I enjoyed Sean’s character, too. Just the fact that he was so broken. I enjoyed the darkness that he had.


CURVY: Are the characters mirrored after anyone in your life?

PA: Oh heck yeah! Abigail [the main character] is my neurotic self. Just the whole nervous undertone that she has is a lot like myself. [About Sean’s character] On my way to work I drive past a penitentiary. I drove by one day and there was this guy leaning up against the chain-link fence and I just slowed down and looked at him and he made eye contact with me and we just looked at each other. And I thought “why are you in there?” “What have you done that has put you in prison?” and that sparked a lot of my inspiration for why Sean was in jail. A lot of Sean’s person is based on my curiosity of what happened to that guy.


CURVY: What kind of research did you have to do for the book?

PA: Mostly it was in [researching] the adult websites and adult entertainment. And through my work – dealing with a lot of the women from domestic violence backgrounds and also post-traumatic stress syndrome.


CURVY: What has the general response to your book been?

PA: I think it has been curiosity, really. A lot of the reviews that I have read, they were really surprised that there was such a darkness to the book, but you have two people who are completely broken and yet they can still find happiness together. And there was a lot of curiosity about the pornography portion. Because not very many people out there – especially because erotic romance has been tagged as pornography for women and  was very taboo to even say the word [pornography] in the romance realm- and what I wanted to do was say “Ya know what, say the word! It is out there!” who cares as long as they are enjoying what they are reading. And a lot of people were curious about a woman writing about pornography.


CURVY: Have you had any backlash for your book?

PA: No not really. They all seem to be pretty positive responses to it.


CURVY: This is your first book/eBook – are there any more in the works?

PA: Yes! The next book that will be coming out is of the “domestic discipline” genre.


CURVY: What is your advice to curvy women?

PA: My best advice is to stop dieting! So at some point we just have to get off the [roller] coaster, and we have to say “You know what, this is my body! This is me! This is the outer expression of who I am! And I am curvy and I have hips, I have boobs, I have thighs and I have a stomach! And I am a female, therefor, no matter how I’m shaped – I am sexy, I am romantic, I am funny, I’m intelligent – simply because I’m a woman!” And I think that as women, we need to come together and we need to be curvy sisters together. And we need to say “We are confident. We can wear high heels, we can wear thigh high stockings and we can do all of that just like everyone else! And we can be confident and sexy while we do that!” And I want every woman to know that.

Adrienne Birden

Adrienne is the new biracial “Carrie Bradshaw” - at age 23, this curvy lady is trying to take the world by storm one sentence at a time. She is also a Women's Studies major and an advocate for various causes.

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