She is one of the hottest growing TV personalities in the plus size community today. With the newest Youtube channel, Hello Style  for Big Girl in a Skinny World created by Hearst publications, Marcy Guevara has reached new heights. Providing us curvy girls with the tips and tricks for all our fashion questions. With everything from swim and workout wear to office outfits and body image, Marcy covers it all. She also has a few shows working with the columnist for Marie Claire’s Big Girl in a Skinny World, Nicolette Mason featuring great tips for amazing clothing options. So with all this information, it was a true pleasure for me to be able to get the chance to meet and get to know Marcy. I learned alot about her in our conversation and loved her personality and the fact that she is so committed to do all she can to help plus size women look and feel their best. With a love for fashion, that is only part of what she tries to achieve. She cares about those she reaches out to, either through Youtube, appearances, she always wants to make a point that beauty and style doesn’t stop at a size 2. I was truly impressed and grateful to meet this extremely intelligent and talented young lady who is on a road to great success. So here is my one on one with Marcy:

MG – My intro to the plus size world was through Marie Claire, I was found through Youtube and that led to Hello Style. Everything has been very serendipidous and has worked out well. It’s a huge to do and omething that I feel so strongly.


CS– Can you give me a little of your background –  Nationality?? Where did you grow up, school? Major?

MG – Born and raised in the OC (Orange County), the one you don’t see (Northern). I am half Costa Rican and half Persian and was raised with my Costa Rican family. I went to Mater Dei high school, which had a TV program. I already knew I wanted to be a TV personality. I also attended Viola University and stayed in the communications (broadcast journalism) field. I have worked really hard to be in this field and hopefully it will continue to grow and help me achieve my goals.

CS – Being out of LA, Southern California, have you had any issues with their vision of what’s beautiful? The OC we know is Laguna Beach and The Real Housewives. 🙂

MG – I have taken it with a grain of salt and growing up here, I am pretty used to it. I have had amazing opportunities not being a size 0 and making a statement.

CS – What are your thoughts on the current trend/view on the plus size woman as far as magazines, fashion, etc?

MG – Well I think that you can’t take people’s comments and use them against the entire industry. The thinner models are just easier sometimes to dress and give an easier guideline to debut designs. But curvier models distract from the clothes. 🙂 We need to support what we have and embrace our bodies and curves. The plus size industry does have incredible clothing lines at our disposal.

CS – What has been your biggest challenge in the plus size industry?

MG – It’s more of a what’s next? I would love to see every mainstream magazine have a Big Girl column. I hope that more publications work on expanding to the plus size market. The biggest challenge can be the judgement as women and especially in the Plus size industry. It’s more of a personal thing and not trying to make everyone happy.

CS – What is your passion? Beauty, Fashion, etc. How did you get into this field?

MG – I am considered a fashion expert and stylist that also does hosting and appearances. I have been working Daniel Musto, Jessica Simpson and their collections. I do live events and host events. My passion has really been the issues that surround women. I think it’s important to work from the outside in to feel empowered and confident. Fashion is just one way to engage women, but the greater passion is women and talking about their issues.

CS – What are your goals for Hello Style as well as Personal?

MG – I am really hoping to get another season of Big Girl in a Skinny World. YT has provided the financing and it has been great. I am really hoping to help women on a personal level. Working with them on styling for different events and giving tips. I am working on style 101/feeling empowered seminars on August 23rd in Los Angeles. The end goal is to work on what I can to reach women and use my voice.

CS – You always look so put together, what are your must haves for everyday?

MG – For everyday, Lips, lashes and liner, you never know who you are going to run into. So I always try to look my best when I leave the house. Spanx are a must for my wardrobe. Even for a casual dress, they make me feel my best. Lots of color, I am not the all black clothing type of person. I love color that puts me in a good mood. It’s all about dressing in a way that will make me feel more confident and happy. I love to reinvent something that I may have already worn before like Kate Middleton. There are a lot of ways to keep it exciting and fresh.

CS –  You have such great skin and beautiful hair, what’s your secret?

MG – One of my hair secrets: Top Secrets hairccessory (The Best clip in hair always)

My skin: I am always using anti-aging : I LOVE Lancome and Estee Lauder skincare products. It’s all about finding what is great for your skin and your budget. The most important thing is to start early to take care of your skin.

CS – What are your top five beauty brands? Makeup, skincare, etc.


a)    Benefit – Brow daze, They’re Real! mascara

b)   MAC

c)    Makeup Forever – Bronzer (Uplight)

d)   Mally – <3 her products

e)    Estee Lauder – Amazing products that are worth the price.


CS – What are you hobbies?

MG -Free time I love to get out of town. I <3 to travel even if its Newport Beach, Vegas, relaxing is the best time for me. I love spending time with my girlfriends. I love Wine tastings, I love bike riding, going to the farmer’s market, I also like to read, go to live concerts, always looking for something different.


CS –  If you stranded on a desert island, what are 3 things you could not live without?


a)    sunscreen

b)   The Bible

c)    A water purification machine (Brita)


CS – What are your personal thoughts/ advice for the Curvy girl in today’s world?

MG – I think just if there is pick a song and let that be your anthem for whatever catwalk you are walking down : An interview, a date, a personal event. Life is too short to worry about what is wrong with your body and get rid of the negative. Enjoy your life and embrace who you are.





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