“Curvy Girls” the hit NUVO Reality TV Series based in New York follows the lives of 4 curvy models and their ups and downs in the world of professional modeling.  One of the scene stealing characters, Lornalitz and I chatted about her success since being on the show and her journey getting to HAPPY!

Lornalitz had just come in from a fitting (oh the life of a Plus Sized Barbie) when we had our chat so she was all abuzz about all the exciting things happening in her career.  She’s modeled since she was 12 and these recent years have been some of the best for her professionally.  Recently signed with Seattle based Heffner Agency, she however was a major force in getting her career off the ground.  There were many scenes in CG where we would see her hustling between bartending gigs, getting an agent and booking jobs with her “grassroots hustle”.   It has paid off in a major way. Besides securing the backing of a great agent she just wrapped shooting the Spring/Summer campaign for Kmart, is in “talks” for another high-profile campaign and is scheduled for a production meeting for Curvy Girls in hopes for a second season.  I asked her how her relationship with the other ladies on the show was going and being the sparkling gem she is, she had nothing but good things to say.  Now many of us remember her having terse times with Ivory on the show. Lornalitz agreed they didn’t always see eye to eye on set and that once she realized Ivory didn’t respect her she knew their friendship was not to be.  At that point she decided keep it professional.  What a smart DIVA, keeping it drama free!  As far as Rosie and Denise, they are all good friends and she’s looking forward to exploring the new season with all of the ladies.

Being in the game for a while now I had to find out if modeling wasn’t her main gig what she’d be doing with her life.  Some may not know that she holds a BS degree in Business Management, graduating with honors  So after I asked about an alternate career she quickly told me that she would want to own her own business.  One she really holds dear to her heart is to own a restaurant named after her mother Carmen Lydia…something her mother would also love.  Of course she’d also like to own her own modeling agency one day too.  Beauty and brawn, what a great representation for curvy girls of all ages to look up to.

If Lornalitz had her chance to catch up on a good movie it would be The Notebook while enjoying her favorite comfort food, Butter Pecan ice cream.  Due to filming, traveling and shootings she’s admitted to putting on a few pounds because she wasn’t able to keep up with her normal workout routine.  Now rocking a size 14 she is  poised and excited to market herself after finding the right niche, she’s totally delighted.  She professes it took a minute but when she realized, “I am beautiful and happy the way God made me, curves and all” she knew that the years of dieting to stay a certain size were some of her unhappiest.  As a matter of fact some advice she’d love to share with women is, “Love yourself first and don’t expect for anyone else to revel that emotion.  REALLY KNOW IT!  Confidence lives inside of you.” It’s clear to see that her humble upbringing from two working class parents gave her the perseverance to reach this kind of acceptance in a world where it’s easy to fall prey to issues of self-esteem.

Confidence, a bubbly persona and making cheddar all play a part of this Powerhouse’s best attributes – oh but wait she’s absolutely gorgeous too!  This StyleDIVA definitely thinks Lornalitz’s star has just begun to shine bright LIKE A DIAMOND, the title of her favorite new jam by @BadGirlRiRi.

Thanks for talking Lornalitz….we’ll be watching.


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