Meet Silvia Neves  from Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.  Silvia is a size 14, 38 years old and  have been a plus size model for three years.

1.    How did you become a plus size model ?
I saw the opportunity as I watched an interview with Fluvia Lacerda on the TV. I started looking for information about the profession and the market here in Brazil and applied to some agencies. After that I had a professional book done and started publicizing my work around.
2.    What are the good and bad sides to being a plus size model especially in your country ?
Plus size fashion market in Brazil is still very small, there are few stores that work with plus size models and too many plus size models on the market, that is why the opportunities are limited and the payment low if compared to a thin model.
The good side of it is that we receive a lot of love and acknowledgment from people who start admiring your work and also the incentive to the growth of the plus size are in the country. Half of the population according to statistics is overweight and a clothing market aiming that group is necessary. As pioneer models we are opening doors so that the fashion world can see us and value us as clients.
3. What is your beauty secret ? Your favorite fashion designer or store ?
My biggest beauty secret is eating properly. I don’t eat red meat, avoid fat food and sweets and I drink two liters of water everyday to keep the skin always hydrated. Physical activities also help keeping me ready for everything and helping me keep the curves. And another basic tip, never sleep with my make up on.
I really adore Chanel but the access to the brand is a little difficult because of the prices and taxes. Within the national market we have great designers and I admire deeply Martha Medeiros and Victor Dzenk. Some brands that invest in the plus size market and have my admiration are Belle Carole, Elegance, Eveíza and Lunender.
4.      For you a glamour and plus size woman is ———- ?
It is the woman who has a bigger self-esteem than her size; it is a woman who is not influenced by a market that values a size out of people’s reality. It is a glamorous woman is a woman who can be happy the way she is.

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