Meet Hannah Woods…

Pin up loving, punk rock listening, burlesque dancing, vegetable eating, shower singing, wife and mother who has embraced her curves and her new found love in modeling. Hannah Woods is reaching for the stars in everything she does these days.

After too many miserable years spent doing what she thought was expected of her she is now making up lost time and jumping into everything that brings her joy and satisfaction.

She is chasing her own new found dreams, isn’t afraid of hard work, and always keeps her cup full.

She runs two businesses from home while going to school for her bachelors degree in business. t_mah2359-edit

Owner and creator of Siren of the Sea Clothing & Accessories, she spends a lot of time creating the perfect pieces for her clients and is always excited to work with photographers and fellow models for photo shoots and special events.

She also enjoys cooking, spending time with her friends and family, gardening, camping, playing with her dogs and going on road trips.

There really is never a dull day in Hannah’s life, the word boredom isn’t even in her vocabulary.

She hopes to expand her modeling avenues in the future and her next goal is to hit the run way.

“I never thought I could be a model, I’ve never considered myself the “full package”, never pretty enough, skinny enough or even perky enough…..Okay maybe I have the last one down, but the first two definitely not.

After a few pin up photo shoots just having fun I fell in love with the camera and found my missing confidence along the way.

I never realized modeling could be so much fun, the pain in my feet after wobbling around in ridiculously high heels all day has never felt so good!


I hope every woman and girl out there of all shapes, sizes, and colors, can find their own personal confidence.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in there own skin, for who they are inside and out!”

Christa McDuell

" A dream is just a dream til you grab it and make it yours"
Christa McDuell
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