Greetings from Germany! My name is Kassandra Kuhn and I’m a freelance Plus Size Model. I live in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart and try to establish myself for two years as a Plus Size Model in Germany. I’m a very positive, open minded and cosmopolitan person and I’m interested in music, art, culture and photography.

Always it has been my secret dream to be a model.


Fashion and the way it was presented always impressed me since I was a child. The fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and the model Claudia Schiffer were always been my ideals since I was a 8-year-old kid. Due to my blue eyes, my blond hair, my size, my slim build and my pronounced front tooth they called me the little Claudia Schiffer in school. This was the reason that I got to play the model at school events. I always had a lot of fun walking the school stage. At the age of 14 I moved back to Germany and in with my aunt and uncle after having spent those 7 years of my life on the Canary Islands. So back here I was so busy trying to learn the language and adapting to this new life in general that there were simply no capacities left to pursue those kind of girlish dreams.


B-Fotoshooting Dieter Heß (13)

Until the age of 17 I worn size 36, which changed within the years. Already at the age of 20 I wore dress size 40. I really felt uncomfortable with myself and wasn’t used to be opulent But I changed my mental attitude and I feel sexy with my curves, now wearing dress size 44. I noticed that women with curves were noticed in the media in the last years. Due to my work as a industrial clerk I wasn’t able to fulfill my dream as a curvy-model until I found the courage to talk to my chef to fulfill this dream. He hasn’t got any exceptions and supported me. Afterwards I applied for the Miss Germany XL in Nürnberg and was elected under the best 20 among 1600 applicants. As well as fort he „Ulla Popken“ Casting I was elected among 2300 applicants under the 75 bests. Just a few months later I was invited to join a year calendar and agreed. In the same month I got the next enquiery to be on a product package for a Bio-producer, followed by a Casting for the „Sheego KURVENSTARKALENDER“ 2013, among 2500 elected under the 50 best. In September 2012 I got the most important job since I started my model carrier. I got the privilege to walk the catwalk for two days for one of the most popular mall in bavaria. My last assignment was in March for fashion designer Peter Hahn. Already five agencies accepted me and I’m looking forwards to further appointments. Modeling as a Plus Size Model is something really special for me and I don’t want this dream to stop.

I want to promote confidence and positive publicity for all plus size women.


Christa McDuell

" A dream is just a dream til you grab it and make it yours"
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