Don’t we just love it when you come across real men who aren’t caught up on the typical Hollywood image of what’s beautiful and not? For a while, the average CURVY woman wasn’t what men would think of as sexy in commercials and magazine covers, but they are beginning to break down those judgmental doors and take the world by storm! But not all men have been blinded by the Hollywoods light, there are many out there that love to show their appreciation for the CURVY shaped woman.


Like Tracy L. Styles, author of his latest book “The Curves Of My Queen“, a written homage to the woman of curves. This 100 page book, full of poems and short stories, are sure to “entice and challenge, from sensual and intimate; to sharing the lives of those unbroken by the snares of society.”

CURVY Magazine had the opportunity to chat with the author about his recent project and his love for the voluptuous woman!

Welcome, let’s start by asking who is Tracy Styles?

Tracy: “A creative provocateur, lover of all artistic things. Overall I consider myself an expressionist, I was blessed with what I feel is a gift to enhance people’s lives and I don’t take it for granted.”

 What was your reasoning for focusing on the CURVY community and writing “The Curves Of My Queen

Tracy: “I read somewhere to write what you know and what you have a passion for, the words just poured out. Then it became deeper than just my passion. It became a declaration of power so to speak like here I am, this is me stripped of any falsehood, no matter what you may think… it changed me.

“The Curves Of My Queen”  isn’t your first book, can you tell the readers about your previous works of literature?

Tracy: “Well my first book “The Pondering” is a book of questions, the older we get it seems the less things add up so I just released. I mixed some comedy and spinned some age old questions and had fun.It got dark sometimes but so does life. My second book, “Memoirs of a Fatherless Youth”, was another topic that I knew. Growing up without your father in the home can cause a wide range of outlooks on life. I just told my story and the story of the people around me with hopes of touching someone who is still going through it to let them know it gets better.

 What inspires you to write your poetry?

Tracy: “Death..What’s going to be in that paragraph the sums up your existence? I just think of 100 years from now who will read my words and be inspired to live their dreams or at least give someone the motivation to… What ripple effect am I causing? ..Did I make a difference?”

That’s a first I’ve ever heard that response. Very well put. Can you tell us about your writing process?

Tracy: “Its crazy (LoL)… I stream write. It’s basically unedited emotion when I’m not thinking about it, I’m just doing it. Just getting out what I feel then I go back and organize it to make it readable for people…I get ideas from everywhere. When you think I’m texting, I’m jotting down ideas. I could see someone or hear a voice or get a whiff of perfume and go in for hours until I feel I got it all out…like I said crazy! I could go on and on but I’m sure you have somewhere to be”

 With different scenery and occurrences that you’ve witness, which piece would you consider your most favorite poem and why?

Tracy: “That’s a tough one….I …ah…I have a lot that are extremely personal I couldn’t choose. To hard to just have one favorite…

 Ok Tracy, so changing topics, what is it about CURVY woman that attracts you?

Tracy: “My goodness where do I start?  Without going into too too much detail, (LoL) I will say I think of the softness, the warmth of these women. Its actually indescribable! It’s one of those things you have experience it to understand where I’m coming from. Its kind of like “why does food taste good”…or “does sex feel good” or “why do things smell good”.. Once again, out of respect for your readers, I will not get into too too much detail but “

Once you go plus there isn’t anyone else you want to touch! (Koolaid smile)


Well can you help us understand where your coming from by telling us about the first time you were Curvified? (mesmerized by a curvy woman) 

Tracy: “Curvified! I like that,but the very first time, I was young and it was my first childhood crush. I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my eleven years of life. It was a mouth wide open- almost walk into incoming traffic- type of moment! I was young and said when I get older I have to have her!  My older cousin must have felt the same way because he… well.. went on to marry her! We still laugh about it when I go to visit them. Later I got to experience all the wonders ….(pauses). Curvy women make you believe that there has to be a higher power and it deserves praise …(breathes hard) Can we move onto the next question please?..”

 Are you ok there Tracy? (LoL) Let’s continue. So we know you have love for the CURVY girls, are you not attracted to skinny woman? In a few pieces you kind of..well. dissed them.

Tracy: “Oh no I love all women, it’s just something about the curvy ones (LoL)…I won’t say I’m against skinny woman. I’m against a frame of mind that tells me what I should find beautiful, what I should be attracted to and what is considered “acceptable” or what body type is deemed more worthy of elation.

 Man, you know just what to say! What can we expect next from Tracy?

Tracy: “I’m working on an all erotic book of poems and short stories,  spoken word CDs, then the natural progression of short films…and more books!  Basically, more good work in any medium I choose. Expect Passion.

We’ll be sure to keep tags on you. Thank you for your time and we wish you luck here at CURVY Magazine.

Tracy: “Oh no Thank you…I enjoyed myself”

Be sure to check out Tracy’s work on Amazon. You can also find him on Twitter @TracyLStyles