Discovery comes in many forms now a days. More people are becoming “discovered” by movie produces and music reps everyday now from social networks sites such as Twitter, Facebook and most knowably video uploading site, YouTube. This was the story for Ellen Degeneres favorite Greyson Chance, Dondria who has signed to Jermaine Dupri‘s label, and the young boy from Canada who have stolen the hearts of millions (40 million to be exact via Twitter followers) and has been coached by R&B sensation Usher, the adorable Justin Bieber!

But it’s not all about just uploading a video with hopes of hitting it big. No, one has to have a sincere passion for what it is they’re doing. Check out this up and coming artist who, originally went by the name Ash Kardash, who is taking the internet world by storm! Ash K’s captivating video’s on her self-named  YouTube channel, has reached nearly 6 million views ( 5.8) and has over 100,000 subscribers in only a year, wanting more from the 21-year-old artist who calls her self “a hybrid” when it comes to labeling what genres of music she’s really in. Her videos of her ‘covering songs” in such a unique style combining Rap lyrics with R&B vocals has allowed her to create a demanding fan base and the catch the eye of highly recognized artist such as Wale. The Dallas,Texas student allowed CURVY to the get the “art behind the artist” in an exclusive interview!

Ash KCURVY: Let’s begin with simply letting the world know “Who is Ash K?

-Ash K is just someone who thinks of the ups and downs for relationships who likes to talk about heartbreaks and personal experiences and include it in my music and hope that people can relate to it.

CURVY: Where did you get the Kardash from in your previous alias Ash Kardash?

Ash K – That was something actually given to me by kids at school. When I went off to college, my friends would call me Ash Kardash and it just kind of stuck. It originally was just my Twitter name and help catch attention, but going forward with my career it’s just going to be Ash K.

CURVY: What are you currently in college for?

Ash K – I’m studying veterinarian medicine.

CURVY: Aww, cute! Let’s talk music. What began you to start covering songs?

Ash K – Well when I first originally started, I was just singing regular songs such as Beyonce‘s “1+1”. I wasn’t getting the views I though I should get. So I sat down and thought  I had to do something different from that. Everybody was already doing those videos. So I transitioned over into singing rap songs and that blew up overnight!  You don’t expect to type in a rap song like 2 Chainz “KO” and see a girl pop up at the top singing the song. It just caught on and everybody really liked it so I ran with it.

CURVY: Awesome. So what has been you favorite song you have covered so far?

Ash K – I’m probably going to have to go with “Bad” by Wale. Only because I really like Wale and I study him a lot. I’m very into poetry and am fluent and all styles of it. This song was really challenging for me than any other song that I covered. I actually had to really really work on it to flip Wale’s verse and make it my own. I’m very proud of this song and it’s defiantly my favorite by far!

CURVY: What were you doing growing up musically before you actually began studio recording?

Ash K – I’ve been in choir almost my entire life, ever since they began offering it to me in school back in the 5th grade.  I did it all the way through high school. I’ve always loved choir.

CURVY: In addition to your background in choir, your website states you always play a range of instruments. What do you play?

Ash K – I don’t play a lot of instruments. I can play things by ear though and catch on quick. I do like the piano and I can play the guitar. I’m really good with learning instruments. If I can take enough time with it, I can pick it up.

CURVY: What influences you to write?

Ash K – Influences? Hmmmm. I’ve done poetry for as long as I’ve done choir so I think wringing music stems from me wring poetry. They just kind of became songs. For me, writing poetry is the same as writing songs. I just transition my poems into my music.

CURVY: Rapping came natural to you also because of your background with poetry you stated on your site as well. Do you see yourself releasing any other forms of your work such as books or spoken word CD’s?

Ash K – I have tons and tons of journals! But you can really see my poetry in music. If you look at it lyric wise, it’s really poetry.

CURVY: You recently just turned the big 2-1! In your music you speak of certain situations that much older people go through. Are most of your lyrics self experiences?

Ash K – Absolutely! I always sing and rap about things I’ve been through first hand. I do this because it’s real for me. I’m not the type of person who can sing and rap about things I haven’t gone through myself. I think people can sense my realness in my work easier this way, because they compliment me on being able to hear my pain and my life in my music. It’s all from situations I’ve been through whither it was on my mix tapes or just a cover. It’s all things that are very personal to me.

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 CURVY: So what really is your style or genre in the music world?

Ash K – I don’t want to be just classified as a rapper or classified as a singer or just a poet. I would like to consider myself as a hybrid. I say this because I feel like im equally yolked when it comes to all crafts.

CURVY: Nice. That comes from being equally yolked when appreciation good music in your upbringing. What was your first concert you every been to?

Ash K – The first concert I’ve ever been to was a TLC concert when I was early little. I went to it with my mom.It was amazing. I still have pictures that I took with T-Boz!

CURVY: See you were born for this game! Who would you say is your biggest idol so far?

Ash K – Somebody that I really look up to would probably have to be Drake. He kind of does the same style of creating music I do. I consider him a hybrid also when it comes to that. He has a good balance when it comes to combining multiple styles. He’s somebody I defiantly look up to when it comes to help build myself in what I’m trying to do.

CURVY: Who would be someone you would love to collaborate with?

Ash K – I would defiantly like to work with Wale of course! I also would like to collaborate with J Cole.

CURVY: Good choices, I can see that happening with the route your going. You only joined YouTube January of 2012 and already have over 100,000 subscribers and close to 6 million views with only 25 videos posted! Wow first of all. You ever think this would come so fast?

Ash K – Honestly no!, not at all. “K.O” [2 Chainz] was really what started it all. That alone got 100,000 views in maybe a little less than a month and that really surprised me and took me back. The two videos I posted prior to that one took like maybe…it took like FOREVER for them to just get 1,000 views! So I never expected for that to just blow up the way that it did. So for me to have over 5 million views right now and it’s only been over a year since I really began singing rap songs, makes me really thankful for this. I’m really just surprised to be in this position that I am in now.

artworks-000038866063-tsevat-cropCURVY: Yes it going to happen, you already all over WorldStarHipHop.com, it’s only a matter of time!

Ash K – That’s really a blessing too! They just put my videos on the site. My friend was actually the first to bring it to my attention that I’ve made it to the site. I had no idea, then everyone began to tweet about it. Which is how I still find out now that I’ve been added on the site again and again. It’s really crazy because I would sit up and watch World Star and wonder “how can I get on here?”. Now they just magically appear and I’m very thankful for that.

CURVY: So with all these wonderful opportunities that you’ve been apart of, what has been your biggest one to you?

Ash K – This will have to be my show I did recently in San Antonio, Texas. Only because they showed me so much love there and there were other people coming from different locations. They showed me that I have a big fan base in multiple areas and request that I do more gigs everywhere. I had so much fun that night!


CURVY: Your first mix tape “Beauty and The Barz” has made a bunch of noise, what can we expect on your new mix tape Relationships 101?

Relationships 101 CoverAsh K – Relationships 101 is defiantly going to be more geared to what I’ve been giving people through my YouTube covers. The relationships, the down side of them, and just really reaching deep into your heart and speaking on certain situations that really hasn’t been spoke on. It’s a project that I’m overall very proud of and know everyone is going to love it. A lot of work and thought has gone on this project. I also have originals from me on this mix tape as well.

CURVY: Thank you for your time Ash and we’ll stay tuned into your story!

Make sure you sure check out Ash on all social networks! You can alson download her mix tapes “Beauty and The Barz” & “Relationships 101” HERE!

Twitter: @Sincerely_AK

YouTube: Ash K

Instagram: @Sincerely_AK

Website: www.SincerelyAK.com