A true altruist knows that beauty is as beautydoes.” -Jasaria Monique Laila Monet is undoubtedly just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Born in New Orléans, Louisiana this unstoppable force of faith, humility, and determination has helped women to overcome adversity through the Sharing of her own personal struggles and triumphs for many years.

Laila Monet is a woman of many talents; not only is she a model, spokes-model, motivational speaker and professional makeup artist, she is also trained and skilled in Computer Networking and Computer Information Systems. Consumed by a love for God, family and an ever-present desire to use her talents and voice to help uplift others, the dynamic Laila Monet is unstoppable. Laila Monet’s faith has carried her through the storms of life and her perseverance has continually allowed her light to shine for the world to see.  As a dedicated wife and mother, Laila Monet knows that her work wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of her family. She diligently promotes the importance of women having positive circle of influences in their lives through sharing her appreciation for the relationships that surround her. Monet’s savvy use of social media demonstrates her use of encouragement, empowerment and self-reflection to connect with her supporters and followers. 


Hurricane Katrina impacted so many lives by forcing displaced natives of New Orléans to relocate in an attempt to create new lives in new homes; Monet and her family were a part of that group. However, this natural disaster shifted and pruned more than material possessions and familiarity of out Monet’s life. She saw something beautiful emerge and embraced her circumstance to renew herself, life and mindset as a blessing from God. As a result of her optimism and faith, she blossomed in her new home of Dallas, Texas. However, one of the most painful and beautiful moments was giving birth to her son prematurely.


Monet acknowledges that obesity and unhealthy eating habits were the cause of her pregnancy crisis. Once she recovered she decided to not allow her health to destroy her faith in God’s ability to give her the life she desired and deserved. Monet underwent gastric bypass surgery and kept a promise to pursue the absolute best version of herself. She’s lost over 150 pounds and has kept the weight off for 9 years by recreating her life through successive positive thoughts, healthy eating habits and exercise. She now embraces her outward beauty and helps other women defeat depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and obesity through helping them tap into their personal power and take charge of their health.

Not Your Perfect 10

 Monet knows that the only way to be a positive impact on the lives of our youth and women is to be engaged. As a dedicated leader in her community, Monet has served to empower youth as a speaker and runway coordinator for the Fabulous Female Expo for the past 8 years. Monet’s work as a public speaker has been featured in many events nationwide such as: REIGN’s Women Conference, Generation Y Workshop, Trend Next Charity Showcase and the Fashion Junky Online Radio show. Monet wants what dwells on the inside of a woman to manifest itself on the outside through self-love and acceptance.


With a servant mindset, Monet entered the cosmetic industry as a makeup artist with a sole purpose as she says “to speak to the outer and inner beauty of a woman and to enhance their very own God-given beauty with one stroke of a brush.” Her talents as a makeup artist have been featured all over the country and most recently at the Essence Music Festival in her hometown of New Orléans.


As a plus size model, Laila Monet has etched her name on the runway; with features in popular press such as: POSE Magazine, Plus Model Magazine, Southern Dallas Magazine, The Dallas Tribune, and many more. As a leader in the curvy industry, Monet recently received the honor of serving as a judge for the plus size community’s most recognized pageant, the National 2015 Miss Plus America competition. Laila Monet embraces her personal power and owns every arena she steps into.IMG_2324

 For more information on Laila Monet visit: www.lailamonet.com