Mardi Hunter, the Bold Fashion Junkie, is a curvy modern women! One who loves style and knows it is not the exclusive right of those of a certain size or income level.  She is a woman with a hectic life just like you. Hunter is a plus size Lifestyle Blogger, with a lot of her own opinions. Mardi created, produces, and co-hosts  SIMPLY RAW RADIO. She is fun-loving, adventurous, and celebrates the beauty of her curves.

Diversity in ethnic backgrounds, education levels and economic groups are important to Ms. Hunter. She founded Curve Syndicate a grass-roots movement. It’s the first multi-cultural unified full-figured women’s group in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. The mission of  Curve Syndicate is to empower voluptuous women to encourage them to live their very best life. Hunter brings a unique bold style matched with her  over the top personality to her busy lifestyle. She gives  a lot of her time, expertise, and finances to non-profits and charitable organizations. Hunter has such a big and caring heart.


As a confident, capable and curvy woman, who is defiant in her rebellion to conformity, she refuses to be a stereotype, to be boring, or basic. Moreover, she is committed to meet the needs of all full figured women with style tips, hints and budget smart advise that will reform and define their personal style one look at a time. Mardi is one to watch definitely on the rise. For more information log onto http://www.boldfashionjunkie.com and follow her!raw-4-2