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a pharell happyThe energy we carry with us is so potent that whether consciously or not we are always making deposits into people we are privileged to share the same space with at any given moment. Recently I had a meal with someone who I was meeting for the first time and 60 minutes later after many laughs and transparent moments when we were going our separate ways there we were sharing hugs. Old friends the encounter felt like. She was a picture in motion of the kind of deposit I wanted to make whether walking into a room, sitting with a friend or sharing coffee with a stranger.
Hours later I was left smiling by being in the company of someone who shared her successes as easily as she shared her personal and family struggles. Not in a woe-is-me or overly preachy kind of message, but in a here-i-am-loving-life-no-I’m-not-perfect kind of way. One might say she happened upon her dream career kinda by accident, but as she spoke about her life at 15 years old to now almost 40 you could clearly see the dots being connected through her exploration of curiosity. With only a high school diploma, she is one of few globally in her specialization who happens to be self-taught.
With that same genius, she has balanced mastering her craft by filling her days with the things she loves about life and the people who make her world rich. Weekends described as uninterrupted family time where they explore, have fun and learn with each other. What also struck me was how she lit up when speaking about her professional passions as much as she did when speaking of sharing meals with her family at the table, baking their own bread together or their past adventures. Her work and her life though intertwined are a perfect combination of her favorite things. When you sit in the company of someone who is in love with life, they simply exude that ‘it’ thing…that draws you in; so rarely contagious. Not on a chase. Not complacent. Just present in her skin and living life deliberately.
She described her schedule as a glance into her priorities. What makes the list: life opportunities she is passionate about, goals from her bucket list, time reserved for working out, time with friends and time with family. You won’t find commitments she accepted due to feeling obligated, time reserved for someone she does not enjoy being around, or the invasion of constant emergencies. She does this with no apologies and no explanations. Her one goal: to live life well and live it fully. Sometimes that comes at the cost of sounding selfish.
After time spent in my company I hope people feel full and in their happy place. I hope their hearts smile on the inside as much as their lips do. I too desire to maintain a space where even the not so great tales are shared as experiences on the schedule to take me further along in the journey of self-discovery. My hope is that if someone is in my presence for 60 seconds or 60 minutes that they leave like I just did inspired by the power of being in the good company of an open soul. Not striving to be perfect, but to be marked alive and very present.
Her stories of worldly travels and how her family overcame personal challenges will have you on the edge of your seat, but more importantly sharing space with her left me in awe that you can spend time with someone, walk away and then notice that their energy leapt into you. This happens every time we meet with others. What’s leaping into you and what are you depositing?

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  • I only hope I can have that effect on people.

    Roschelle Laughhunn (@LaughhunnR)

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