Happy Social Media Day: A Curvy Moment in Social Media History

Happy Social Media Day!!!
I hope to see you all at SMD Detroit today http://smdaydet2012.eventbrite.com/ and the Next Conference http://nextcondetroit.com this fall!
Since its Social Media Day I decided to share a little of my history which is actually Plus Size history. For those who don’t know after 15 years I am a retired web developer. I started out very young around the age of 14/15. I spent over a decade coding, scripting, and designing websites.  Back then you could find me always in IRC chat (the Grandfather of Twitter) under the nick name B.L. the beast because I was so young and my skills was monstrous. Yea that name is what I get for having hip-hop clients in New York.
When I was 16 I created a social network for Detroit high schoolers so they could connect, chat, and hook up. It was called the Hangout consisting of profiles (first on AngelFire LOL), chat, and a bulletin board. You could compare it to a super beta version of MySpace but before there was a Myspace or Facebook. I sold the code to a firm out in Cali. The firm never really used it and told me 3 years later that they tested it out and believed it really wouldn’t catch on!!!!! Now fast forward to 2012 and I get a phone call at least once every 6 months from the former CEO telling me we could of been billionaires lol!
I actually wrote a modified version of this script to create the first social network for plus size women it was called Phat Izm and gained over 20,000 members the first year but today 7 years later its better known as Full Figures! Oh and if you remember CrushSpot yea I was apart of that  development too!
So if you ever wondered how come I have such a large following the answer would be I was building social networks before we had “social networks”.  This is my Social Media history! Happy #SMDay. Share yours!
Have a great Social Media Day and wave your iPads in the air like you just don’t care!

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