With all the fun of summer comes amazing times entertaining family and friend’s including backyard BBQ’s, summer festivities, etc.  The most important with entertaining guests in your home is having inviting fragrances for the season. Harry Slatkin has made a reputation over the last 17 years as the country’s leading home-fragrance guru.

Slatkin & Company, a name synonymous with home fragrance has come up with and amazing line of candles, sprays and diffusers in scents that are perfect for your summer gatherings. In addition to scented candles, he also creates and markets plug-ins, which are devices that release scent gradually throughout the day. With flavors such as summer berries, pineapple orchid and island margarita; you are immediately transported to a tropical isle with the scents of paradise.



With a selection of everything imaginable to fragrance, these are designed to be long lasting and delight the senses. Leaving your home smelling like a never-ending Caribbean vacation.  You can find these products and more at Bath & Body Works stores as well as www.bathandbodyworks.com and through www.qvc.com. I hope you are enjoying your summer fun and I look forward to bringing you a new and different product soon.