How to Choose the Ideal Music for Your Wedding

Music plays a critical role in ensuring that you have a memorable wedding day. We can guarantee that you will always remember the song that was playing as you walked down the aisle, as well as the song that you and your husband first danced to at the reception. Music is very memorable, and therefore having a good playlist is critical. Here is what you need to consider when choosing music for your wedding.

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Decide on a band or DJ 

When it comes to who controls your playlist, you have the option of having a live band, a DJ, or both. A live band can perform at the church ceremony, and then you can have a DJ at the reception, but if you are on a budget, then you will have to choose one of the two. Both options are great, so the choice of who to hire solely depends on your needs and preferences. When working with a band, you can save money by looking for a local group with their own equipment.

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Get inspired

If you are conflicted about which songs to play, you can search various music websites for inspiration. There are plenty of love and wedding playlists, so listen to a few and pick your favourite songs from each. You and your partner can also create a list of all your favourite songs that you would want to be played at the wedding. Choose meaningful songs that are sentimental to both of you.

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Consider your wedding style

The theme of your wedding sometimes determines your selection of music, but it’s always nice to keep things cohesive. If you are having a cultural wedding, then incorporating some traditional songs will help bring everything together. If you have a 90s themed wedding, then play some old school music as well.

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Mix everything up

When developing a playlist for your wedding, remember that your guests are not from one generation. Your parents and your friends have different tastes in music, and therefore, mixing songs from a few genres will ensure that all your guests are entertained. Doing so also ensures that different songs are played during different parts of the ceremony. Incorporating mellow music will allow your guests to converse when eating, and upbeat music will enable them to dance and have a good time.

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Know the basics

As much as you want to personalise your wedding music selection, there are some basics that you should familiarise yourself with. Your music should match the mood and ambience of each part of the ceremony. When walking down the aisle, you need a slow song that will help you pace yourself. The first dance with your husband, as well as all dances with the parents, need to be slow-paced. Choosing the music for your weddingcan be something of an art form, so leave plenty of time to research!

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Sample it out

Make sure that you sample your playlist before the big day. The last thing you want at the reception is an inappropriate song popping up. Arrange the playlist in chronological order from the beginning of the ceremony to the end.

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