Curvy Cutie: Karyn Johnson

This week’s Curvy Cutie is Karyn Johnson from Canada!
Karyn Johnson is a Canadian plus size model who turned her passion for the beauty/fashion industry, and her life long goal to be a plus size model into reality. Karyn’s dreams came true in early 2010 when she was signed by B&M Models in Toronto, Ontario. In less than a year she has quickly gained success modeling for plus size clothing retailers such as Lola & Gigi, Voluptuous Clothing, Sears, and Walmart. When this curvaceous bombshell isn’t modeling, she is the online face for the popular cosmetics company BALMSHELL (which couldn’t be more suiting!). Karyn is excited for her future as a plus size model and hopes to gain further success in Canada, the United States, and internationally. You can follow Karyn on twitter @Karyn_Johnson
What Karyn Says about her Curves:

To me, a woman with curves represents someone who knows how to enjoy life. When I see women depriving themselves from things, such as food, to meet the unrealistic expectations that are placed upon them by society, it truly saddens me. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in moderation and living a healthy lifestyle, but I would rather eat that piece of chocolate or spend my extra time with my friends, than spend excessive amounts of time worrying about fitting into a size 2. Just like an older woman with beautiful lines on her face showing a life well lived, I believe my “full figured” shape shows a woman who lives life to the fullest. And that is why I love and embrace my curves each and every day!

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  • What a wonderful, sexy and cute Woman.
    Bad thing, that she´s to far, to get here in front of my Camera.


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