59511_10151334697784318_507344346_nAs founder of the CURVY Revolution I believe every BODY is beautiful! I’ll be honest. When I founded the CURVY Revolution I went out on a limb. I was told my base would reject me because I wasn’t making CURVY Revolution exclusive to plus sizes. I did a lot of thinking! I fought with myself about it and pondered my options. But I still went forth with my platform of “all women deserving positive body image and self-worth”. See in my 15 years of conducting business I have encounter countless women all different sizes, shapes, and backgrounds battling the same issue; Self Worth. Our actual staff is a great reflection of this being our team is composed of several size ranges and at least 4 different ethnicities. My messaging reaches  several demographics because I believe lack of self-esteem is an actual epidemic.

This war against the beauty and fashion industries to keep our self-esteem intact extends far beyond any race or size rather 4 or 24. This battle starts the minute our daughters is out the womb. Our self-esteem is worth a multi-billion dollar industry. When you start loving yourself for who you are companies lose profits. The diets stop and you buy a little less makeup. Your self-worth has a price tag. Trust me how you feel is by design. This feeling of worthiness is not your destined reality! Your self-esteem has been in a war most women never knew they were fighting. So yes my CURVY Revolution goes a lot deeper than plus sizes. Regardless of size, shape, class, or race THE CURVY REVOLUTION supports every woman on her quest of regaining her self-esteem, self-worth, and self-respect. So as we hit 60,000 followers this week I would like to take the time out to personally thank each and every one of you for being apart of MY REVOLUTION. The one they said wouldn’t last and wouldn’t be successful. But once again it wouldn’t be a Revolution if I didn’t go against the grain. Every woman has a Curve and deserves to feel Beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. And once again thank you for supporting my platform.



KeKe Simót

Digital Marketing Expert (15yrs+). Editor of CURVY Magazine. Award Winning Producer. Geek. Stylenista.

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