@KimKardashian & Boyfriend @KanyeWest Welcomes Home A New Baby Girl!

Congrats goes out to Kim Kardashian & boyfriend Kanye West who just welcomed their baby girl into the world! Just in time for Kanye to celebrate his first Father’s Day! Great gift Kim!
TMZ has just reported that the baby and Kim are both in good health even though her delivery was a month early. This is the couples first child for and for both.
We are happy for both of you guys!
What do you think they’ll name it? Perez Hilton‘s Kimye is kind of cute don’t you think?

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  • Congrats for sure, though frankly, his apparent absence and behavior in these last months hardly qualify him to be celebrated as a father but yes the timing is nice and perhaps will be the turn around they each need to get it together, whether as a unit or individually. For that baby one hopes so.

    Crystel Edwards
  • and we are congratulating a “celebuwhore”.. who, came into the public eye with a sex tape, staged a fake wedding to get the FREE STUFF, gets knocked up while she’s still married to someone else, and has now given birth to a girl.. if I was that kid, i’d get out now, while I could.. such an awesome legacy.. how under aspiring….. i feel sorry for the kid already..

    Penny Chalmers
  • instead of a Christining, they’ll probably schedule, a trip to the dermatologist.. get the kid some lipo..

    Penny Chalmers

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