Ladies, You're Worth It!

international women's dayDifferent hues. Different shapes. A pitch or two may separate us. Yet we are more alike than we are different. Our differences not limited to surface elements, but more the gifts that uniquely guide us and the purposes for which we were born. We walk in greatness. Drawing from our gender pool of lioness strength; the power that comes from the knowledge of who we are and a working lesson plan revealing just how great our own strength. It could be child birth to the labor-pains felt when bringing a dream full-circle. Whether opening doors of your own business, going to school or overcoming a secret fear that holds you back, we own our trials and our triumphs. Feeding. Nurturing. Leading. Following. Care-taker and chauffeur. We assume the position of what is needed to propel our households, a friend, a stranger, and a generation forward. To bring our husbands dreams to reality. To get our children to see the best in themselves  To take a stance so that another female not too far down the road will have an easier way.  Standing on the shoulders of greatness, we can easily emulate them but instead we embrace our individuality to find our own way. Much has been done but much more to do.
Take charge and mean it. Don’t waste a precious minute. Feel okay with feeling what you want. Speak it and know that it wants you too. Own your desires and know you’re worth every (great) one of them. The world is our oyster. There is great strength in our sashay. We cry. We laugh. We fall. But we always make it. In our DNA is the undeniable power and all-knowing truth that when we finally turn and see ourselves in the full-length mirror of life, and love every curve and straight line, design and arch and dimple and hair on our head, then we awake on this journey where self-love floats us down the stream to destiny. Who we are and dream of being and meant to be is all intertwined. Releasing insecurities and guilt have opened our pores. And we breathe our own oxygen and know that even with every wrong turn we’ve made, we’re still worthy of where we’re going. The tapestry has been and continues to be so richly woven. Today, we continue to dream of what will be. What we’ll be. We take strides of faith. We want more. Believe more. Love more. Live more. Celebrate yourself more. Ladies, you’re worth it!

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