Lean In: I'm Excited For You!

2014 is about to begin, Lean In: I’m Excited For You!
I may not know what your specific dreams or goals are, but I do know the season is ripe with possibility and rich with favor. Here begins the new. You’ve written down your goals, created vision boards, drafted a plan of attack and been busy (emotionally) thinking of every possible “what if”. Plan with intention for every dream to be realized and desire brought to fruition, and rest your thoughts. Scribble this somewhere as I did when I first read Iyanla’s wise words: “We cannot rush the sunrise or pay to bring on the full moon. Everything will happen when it’s supposed to happen”. Now stick a pin here.
I received a timely reminder from one of the wisest little 5 year olds I know. My Dear Asa. On Christmas Eve when asked what he wanted for Christmas, he boldly responded from a position of authority speaking to what he will be receiving versus what he hoped would be under the tree. When asked how he knew he was getting it, without a flinch he said “because I said it”. Now at first read you may be tempted to hear a spoilt child, but allow the words to marinate a little longer and you will see the demonstration of faith as it ought to be lived out in our own lives. He didn’t yell his demands, remind his parents repeatedly of his requests, or throw a tantrum when he did not see evidence of his desires. He simply spoke the words and believed that at the appointed time they would be delivered.
So, the question is do we believe and trust that our dreams have an arrival date or are we being rocked consistently by uncertainty because we don’t see it…yet?
Our limitations are in our own thinking which taunts us with what we can’t do though we’ve never tried, what we shouldn’t do because it exceeds our talent/education/status/past/present, or what we’ll never achieve because of any amount of reasons which in our minds seem justifiable. Whenever you’re on a journey, whether a physical one or in pursuit of a dream, you’ll be reminded in some way of why you shouldn’t begin or continue. At that fork, the voice you decide to follow determines how the story is written. On an incline or at any point when the load may feel heaviest, if you tell your body to keep going it does, when you tell your body you’re tired it stops. Also remember it is you who determines how far you go, or not. Your most grand dreams are at times derailed by the simple thoughts, where there should have been simple faith.
All our planning and lists are in vain if we are not in agreement that our dreams are in the plan for us. Why you, you ask? Why not you? And out comes all the dis-qualifiers you’ve hoarded over time. And let them out before January 1st. Before 2014 officially begins, let’s hold the vision of our dreams and goals coming to pass at the forefront of our thoughts. Keep them there and clean house where the intruders of doubt are concerned.
Rumi says, “What you seek is seeking you”, and I believe that for us all. No need to hold on so tightly to the desire that we suffocate its existence or overthink ourselves into believing that without a mad chase on our end, someone else will get what’s ours. Has that ever happened before? To pursue a dream is one thing; to be consumed by it is at times driven by the energy which has us believe it might not be ours after all. Our thoughts attract things into our lives or keeps them away. Not that it’s not meant to be, but that we didn’t believe or come into agreement that it is ours.
Sit back for a second and consider your dreams – your most authentic ones that speak to you when you wake up in the mornings and visit you throughout the day. Do this often, never forgetting to remind yourself that each one was placed inside of you for a reason greater than you can imagine. When the first seed of doubt tries to convince you that it won’t happen or won’t happen for you, remember Asa’s words: “I Will get…Because I Said So”.
2014 is yours for the taking.

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  • Crazy. Just started reading this book!!

    Vivian Young
  • Leaning in for 2014..my year to restructure and rebrand myself. I have so many thoughts and things in my head that I still want for myself…it’s really hard to put into an organized perspective but believing and trusting God for direction as I declare and decree my goals for myself. Looking forward to the journey. This is a great article and I thank you for helping me to understand what I am in AGREEMENT with at this junction of my life.

    Sharlander Hazel

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