Life Class: You're The Star Of This Act

Star-of-Your-Life-BannerIf we’re not careful, our intense admiration for others can easily cross the line of making them the hero of our story. This can often fuel us to want to actually become them, while starving our own gifts and talents of needed attention.
The history makers who not only came before us but the talents of those who are standing in our midst and writing history as we speak. They ignite a flame of inspiration so brightly we may be lured into their picture. Which causes us forget about the uniqueness being developed from the negatives in our individual dark rooms. How seldom we acknowledge that we too are writing history by our own greatness regardless of the size of our respective platforms.
What we can take away from those who we admire is that they achieved their goals by offering life themselves and their passion; measuring their successes or failures by their own standards. Without question I believe they looked up to others and admired the shoulders on which they stood, but they knew within themselves was their own story being scripted and set out to beat their own personal bests.
Celebrity websites and Google searches reveal that the ‘thirst is real’ for news on the rich and famous. How many of us have Google searched our own names and taken one step towards increasing or enhancing our own on-line profiles? Presumably it is believed that it takes more effort to invest the same amount of time in developing our own on-line presence and sharpening our own talents than it does to stay glued to someone else’s and engaging in hours of on-line commentary to determine or give our 2 cents on what they should be wearing, who they should be dating or not, or simply dedicating our complete focus to offer an opinion on fixing someone else’s life but never addressing our own.
This all comes at the cost of your dreams never really being set free, and on behalf of those dreams that are dormant, I’d like to let you know its time! There’s someone, actually a few thousand people waiting for your song to debut, your product to be launched, your book to be written or for your non-profit organization to do the great work the world thirsts for. Whatever your dream, whatever your talents, its knocking, calling and tapping you on the shoulder with a message: get started, continue, shift, keep going until you let me out dammit!
As I listed to Matthew McConaughey share the three things that gets him going each day: having Something to look up to, Something to forward to, and Someone to chase it made me think of my own ‘drivers’ and whether or not I keep them front and center or lose my focus at times by steadying my gaze on distractions. Another mental stimulant was that he writes himself in as the hero of his own story, always chasing who he will be 10 years from the present. It made me stop to soak in the picture of myself 10 years from now and think strategically on what steps are necessary today to take me there.
So…may I ask: who are you chasing? What do you look forward to? What do you look up to?

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