Life: Is It Ever Perfectly Timed?

10799618335_54b1cd8220Hearing India’s Ready For Love on a rainy laundry day took me deep in thought on this often discussed, seldom answered question: When is the right time for love and really what is the magic to make it work. Hardly defined as the hopeless romantic, I am at times in awe of flashes of love in my daily commute. The contagious energy felt when seeing a man holding his lady’s hand as they exchange messages being communicated in a silent language only they can understand. A couple in the rain who have forgotten those around them and are lost in each other’s sphere, or simply the sound of laughter heard so clearly as it ricochets off the heavenly acoustics that heartfelt emotions bring with it. The powerful energy that at times brings us to our lowest and at other times takes us beyond the depths we know to a place where every thought is euphoric.
Like a sudden downpour on a sunny day, it is an interruption we have no control over. The sweetest melody of each gentle tap from the raindrops meeting the windowpane takes us far away. A year from now. Next month. Back to the here and now. The sun as the backdrop makes this picture the perfect marriage of two seasons, reminding us to not get swept away in expectations of a time yet to come but stay awhile in the moment and enjoy the potency of what is now. A dance between the inconvenience of the unplanned and a guest you long wanted to visit. With each drop it’s met with less resistance. The only struggle being to contain your heartbeat wanting to go faster and cautioned to stay on pace. Love flows in and out on a rhythm of its own and the only power we have is to choose to allow it free reign or deny it access.
Maybe it’s true as has been said that it has to be perfectly timed, and maybe it’s also true that it needs a few other factors working at the same time in alignment to be that dream come true. Maybe there’s no right or wrong answer, and it is as personal as your fingerprint, being whatever it needs to be for you. To experience its presence is to be vulnerable with life. Each person you meet who ignites a spark takes you closer to a love deep within on your personal road of discovery. Whether it’s forever ever, or a timed encounter it reveals something new about an emotion that cannot be taught, defined or explained. Even in its at times unfortunate endings, love – the ever polite guest, never writes the conclusion on one chapter before gifting you with priceless memories and layers of life so deep and rich with the unforgettable. Whether or not the ending was bitter, the lessons if not immediately understood, eventually are sweet reminders of a thing worth desiring. Teaching us often how tightly stitched love of self, love of others and forgiveness really are. Then the flame gets lit by a match, and you beam at this pleasant encounter; the miracle of meeting another human being who before their first word is spoken has connected with you and you feel what it is to “know a person in your dreams before you actually meet.”
How pure is the honesty we share with ourselves on what we really want, and how precious and freeing is it to be able to share those ‘gated’ thoughts with one other person. To speak of our fears, our dreams, our errs and our insecurities as if the listener were an extension of ourselves and not a stranger who has all needed ammunition to hurt us. We realize in our most vulnerable state that love doesn’t hurt, and in our fear that it may the message becomes contradictory and the playing field manipulative.
To experience the mutual desire from someone who wants you in their world as much as you desire them to be in yours is a whispered reminder that even with your most imperfect flaws, you are amazing. How many times have we committed our energy to making someone who doesn’t or no longer wants us to change their minds? We label it love and speak ill of an emotion that broke our hearts. The selfish lust that has us chase a person who doesn’t feel the same – whether they ever did or never will is to deny ourselves the intimacy of being complete and whole in the absence of someone else’s someone. Love won’t be cheated or masked as anything other than the authentic oohs and ahh’s that take us through the seasons of time. Day and night. Sunny days and summer rain. It brings us home to the place as many times as needed, reminding us that coupled, single, smitten by a crush, or dating, by yourself you are love; you are enough. With another who gives and receives reciprocally and freely, you are separate yet in sync.
What if we first made peace with all the pages of our story thus far? What if we loved every inch of ourselves and what if the next time we meet someone who either ignites a spark or fans a flame, we back away from the temptation to hide how we really feel and we take it day by day minus the façade of disinterest? The next day of Summer Rain may be forecasted or it may very well come as a surprise. Either way, shall we dance?

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