12 Curves of Christmas Gift Idea #2A Reader’s Cookbook

This generous and handsome book – larded with delightful literary quotes about food – offers hungry readers a recipe to match almost any literary setting, utopia or dystopia included. The distinguished food writer Judith Choate reads almost as much as she cooks – and that’s saying something. Here she offers readers – solo or as book group members – a way to amplify their understanding of the culture of a novel, memoir or poem.

Her recipes appeal to multiple senses and are easy to make. Some are aimed at teatime while others are for cocktail hour. For each of her 17-plus regional tables, star entrees and wickedly “delicious asides” are also offered. Many are for transportable dishes, truly intended to be part of a moveable feast.

Today’s Gift Giveaway – Freckleface Strawberry Broadway Tickets

Win a pair of tickets to see 7-year-old Freckleface Strawberry (Author and Actress Julianne Moore’s childhood moniker) is a red-haired freckled girl who is bullied and taunted by classmates for being different. Freckleface goes from wearing a ski mask to hide her hair and freckles, to learning that everyone is different and everyone has insecurities. The 70-minute journey to self-acceptance is full of nonstop singing, dancing, and fun. www.frecklefacethemusical.com