Well, that was fast. And I’m not really surprised. I watched the show for all of 15mins I recall? After airing just two episodes of the new reality show The Hasselhoffs starring ABC’s Huge star Hayley Hasselhoff, sister Taylor Ann with their Baywatch star dad David Hasselhoff has been canceled. A&E confirms that it is pulling the show off its schedule. (A network representative demurred from describing it as “canceled.”) The show, about David Hasselhoff and his two daughters, premiered to poor ratings: 718,000 people watched the first episode, and 505,000 the second. (As a point of comparison, A&E’s Storage Wars debuted to 2 million viewers; more people probably saw The Hasselhoffs inspired/creepy promo ad.) The fate of the remaining eight episodes of the series remains unclear. This is the second show Hayley has been involved in that was abruptly canceled this. 2011 is around the corner let’s hope for a better year for Haley.