Artist Statement

I am She

God saw it fit to gift me with the ability to paint. I use this gift to illustrate women of African descent in dauntless and iconic poses. The acrylic paint, various mediums and rhine stones are placed decoratively to accentuate each piece. Each woman is painted in a manner that is fit for any fashion spread. What was once a white canvas is now covered with vivacious bodies, tinted hues, fashion prima donnas, flamboyant gestures, amplified features, eclectic hair styles and bejeweled necklines.

The Stage is My Playground

All of the paintings have their own story line.

However, what bonds them is their shared presence which ignites a freedom of mind, spirit and body. You can find these

pieces on my website, .

If you see a piece of interest, contact me using the information provided, on the contact page. Also, look out for my t-shirt line coming this summer which will feature some illustrations of my art work.

Vicki Foxx