QOTD: Is competition bad in a niche market?

In our development of Curvy Magazine we have ran across this question several times.  When Emiene posed the following questions to us we decided to make it QOTD and allow you to weigh in!

Emiene from Charlotte, North Carolina Asks:

Do you think that if plus size magazines showed each other more support, we’d have more power within the fashion industry? Or is competition bad for us because we’re a niche market

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  1. I don’t think it’s bad because competition keeps the people in that industry/market on thier toes. They will be motivatec to keep learning things and perfect thier skills.

  2. I think Plus size magazines should work together, being that they don’t we aren’t that prevelant in the industry. Iwish we were out there more I wanted to do modeling its hard when you are on the small scale of plus size its as if your not plus enough!

  3. I believe that there is power in numbers, and while competition is good, it is early enough that supporting each other will prove to be more beneficial than competition.

  4. Yes, I do think that if plus size magazines showed each other more support there’d be more power within the fashion industry, because the plus size industry is first trying to legitimize and gain recognition into main stream. But I also believe competition is healthy as a industries check & balance, when its done modestly and not coming from and “attention whore” type of demeanor.

  5. Every market needs to have competition. Even in a niche market. I believe healthy competition is a driving force that pushes you above and beyond your everyday normal limits. It makes you challenge yourself to be the “best” at what you do.

    What gives us power within the fashion industry is “us” (plus sized women)supporting the magazines and websites that are designed to bring us together. And supporting functions such as the Curvy Revolution gives us power in the industry. The fashion industry just like any other business is all about numbers. It’s a numbers game. The more women who stand up and demand to be counted in the fashion world directly influences how loud and strong our voices will be heard.

    That’s Val’s Voice. Now let me hear yours.

  6. I thought that maybe all of the magazines/sites supported each other. I know everyone is out to make money abd get the numbers however, with plus size/curvey being seen as the outcast, it would seem fitting to stand together.
    I believe each entity could represent the curvey nation well…there is so much to cover/offer in the industry. Why not work toether to demoninate the fashion world?! Healthy competition is always good…
    United we stand, divided we fall 😉

  7. United we stand or divided we fall.

  8. I miss plus sized magazines!! MODE was one of my favorites!! There was another that came out in print, but it mainly showed fashions from Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug Plus, Catherine’s. Didn’t like that one.

    I love seeing real, life-sized women in print! We are beautiful & deserve to have several places to look to see us.

    I guess there is competition in every market. But, with plus sized fashion, and the average woman not wearing a “model” size, it would be great to have some unity. If you don’t share your knowledge, you stunt your growth. Help each other out so we can be heard!

    We exist, we shop, we like well manufactured clothes, we have opinions, we deserve options! And, with the right layout & marketing, any plus-sized magazine deserves to be a hit. 🙂

  9. Thx for taking the time to describe the terminlogy to the rookies!

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