Every year we hear the same sappy love songs and commercials that encourage men all over to go out and buy something that is supposed to “prove” their love. If you have a good man (as I do) you know that no amount of roses is going to equal the love that he gives every day.

So why not turn the tables on this “Hallmark Holiday” and get the love of your life something to make him feel special! Here are some of our favorites…

Even if the man in your life doesn’t smoke, he will appreciate the look and feel of good cigar. Gurkha’s Assassin Dagger lives up to its name. It will not take any prisoners. A strong but flavorful Brazilian Wrapper, accompanied by a perfect Dominican Binder, with an exquisite Peruvian/Nicaraguan filler this gift is perfect for the strong, rugged type. The Assassin Daggers are sold for $9.16 individual and $183.00 per box. They can be purchased online at http://www.gurkhacigars.com/cigars.cfm. They are also sold in hundreds of cigar/smoke shops throughout the world.

Virtually every man needs to shave. Give him the cleanest, closest shave with the help of Art of Shaving, (artofshaving.com $100) The 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave® combine The Art of Shaving’s aromatherapy-based products, handcrafted accessories and expert shaving technique to guarantee optimal shaving results while relieving and preventing ingrown hairs, razor burn, tough beard and sensitive skin. Whats better than a man with touchable skin?

Finally, a gift you can share. On Valentine’s Day night why not snuggle together with a bottle of Appleton Estate Rum. Appleton is a fantastic and delicious gift for any man who enjoys a nice cocktail or even a glass rum on the rocks. Consisting of a blend of 20 select harmonious rums, Appleton Estate Reserve is carefully aged in hand-crafted oak barrels.  Transcending the sum of its many parts, Reserve is a smooth, mellow, premium spirit with a long, elegant finish; a well crafted rum that any male would appreciate. $28.00, in stores everywhere

Tina Graham

Tina Graham is the Managing Editor of Curvy Magazine. She lives in Nw York City with her husband and daughter.

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