The scene at Kirstie Alley’s birthday bash and launch party for her new, weight loss program, Organic Liaisons, was like a Hollywood Who’s Who. Who includes Ed Begeley, Kelly Preston, Kathy Najimy, Mario Lopez, Juliette Lewis, Karla Guy (Dance Your Ass Off),  Ron Jeremy (YES, that Ron Jeremy), and the cast from Dancing With The Stars. Recognized in the crowd were rock chick Dilana Robichaux and Carla Gugino (Californication).

Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison is a brand new weight loss program with the goal of “liaising” you from conventional eating habits to a healthier organic diet while you lose weight. Organic Liaison is a weight loss and diet plan that offers organic weight loss products, natural dietary supplements, and access to online diet and exercise tools to help you lose weight safely and effectively, all while having fun!

Wearing a LBD that would make Joan on Mad Men green with envy, Kirstie graciously greeted friends and fans, who showed up to wish Kirstie well and sample the surprisingly yummy, raw, and organic vegan appetizers provided by The Sustainable Feast. The signature cocktail, featuring an organic vodka and Rescue Me Elixir, provided a lift without the sugary alcohol buzz. Rescue Me Elixir is full of nutrients, minerals, pre-biotics, anti-oxidants, and is part of Organic Liaisons weight loss program. Never a dull moment around the ball of fire called Kirstie the street was closed outside Organics Liaison with Klieg lights, go go dancers,  two Volvo cars that were given away as prizes, and a Pink Carpet framed the store front. DJ Hunter was upstairs spinning sounds that forced the crowd to bump, jump, and grind into the night!

Kirstie and I

Kirstie Alley is one beautiful curvy doll no matter what her size and we wish her well with Organic Liaisons and her upcoming stint on Dancing With The Stars.


List of cool, vegan, organic, and raw food companies serving healthy gourmet snacks.

Actress / Comedienne Karla Guy from Oxygen's Dancing My Ass Off

Ron Jeremy and Karla Guy


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