Crystal Renn is no longer a plus model. We wish her well in her future endeavors but she is no longer a part of the Fat Girl organization. I feel that I will be ill if read one more online debate about her weight, her status in the community, the  impact of her status (or lack thereof) in the community…it never ends.

She is the boyfriend who is now openly gay. There is nothing wrong with him being gay but it does mean that he won’t be dating YOU anytime soon. Wish him bon voyage and move on with your life.

So, lets all take a big girl pill and acknowledge that this one has left us. She is now on the cover of Mexican Vogue appearing suitably emaciated and thats awesome. Lets all say it together… “Thats awesome!” Great! Group hug girls!

Tina Graham

Tina Graham is the Managing Editor of Curvy Magazine. She lives in Nw York City with her husband and daughter.

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