Nicky Hambleton-Jones, Style & Beauty Expert of

“Avoid puffiness and dark circles by sleeping with an extra pillow the night before your date. When we sleep, fluid can pool around the eye area so sleeping propped up ensures that everything drains through the face and you don’t wake up with big puffy eyes. A great trick for making them appear bigger is to curl the lashes and invest in a white eye pencil, you can line under the eye for the instant illusion of brightness.

A red lipstick is incredibly sophisticated, timeless alluring. If you pick the right shade it can actually help your teeth appear whiter and your lips fuller. Blue-reds are whitening, while orangey-reds can make teeth appear yellow. If you’re worried about thinning lips it might be a good idea to make a visit to Dr Rakus (

) dubbed the ‘London Lip Queen’ and invest in a non invasive treatment like fillers to help plump up your pout and achieve a natural look.

Ensure a smooth, dewy complexion through careful exfoliation, which is essential for clear, bright skin and is perfect for removing any nasty impurities that prevent your natural glow from shining through. Try also applying a few drops of hydrating serum or cream before sleeping as your skin naturally regenerates at night and this will give it an extra boost.”

Don’t overload your skin with too much make up in the Summer.  Show off your naturally glowing skin and keep your makeup fresh and natural with a light-reflecting foundation.  Apply a gentle flush over the cheeks using pale peach or apricot tones to inject a bit of colour.”