Paul Bingham, Head Colourist at Lockonego

“If you have cool undertones in your skin, avoid going for bright or golden blonde shades or anything with too much yellow as this can make your skin look sallow.  These shades compliment tanned and olive skin tones much better while pale or platinum blonde really even out cool and fair complexions.  Deep, dark black and brunette also really set off porcelain complexions and make light eyes stand out. For anyone with a more olive, tanned complexion try going for a warmer, chocolate brown.

Smudging colour with a fading effect is a great way of making a colour transition during the in-between seasons, with darker roots fading into lighter ends to keep dark shades looking vibrant for Summer.  Stick to warm chestnut brown as it has a golden finish and for those who like brighter tones, go for a vibrant red or adding a flash of brilliant colour under a parting.  .  Ombre hair or dip-dying is a great alternative to lightening your hair for Summer, while embracing the trend of grown-out roots.

Hair that has been chemically treated and coloured will be considerably drier and coarser so will need its lost moisture to be replaced.  Regularly treating frazzled locks with an overnight conditioning mask will be sure to help your hair become softer and more manageable.  Colour-friendly shampoos are also essential for maintaining your hair colour.  Anything that is completely vegan and free from parabens and Sodium Chloride will be sure to keep your hair colour looking bright and prevent it from fading so quickly.

Book yourself in for an intense conditioning treatment once a month to give your hair a hydrating boost and glossy shine.  We offer a Sebastian Conditioning Treatment at Lockonego which is a fantastic treat for dull, frazzled, colour-ravaged hair and injects instant vitality.”