Who would you fondue?
“Everybody always told me good things come to those who wait. But I’ve got so much on the menu, I just can’t, I just can’t, I just can’t wait.” (Prince)



What makes your mouth water? Yes I’m talking about actual food, but of course you know sex will come up, so just keep reading. But, yes food. For me, broiled seafood drenched in warm butter with just a hint of herbs gets my cooking thermometer rising. Yet when I’m with my one and only, there are certain foods that I have found tend to set the mood. Now I’m going to talk about sex.
Historically, food and sex have had an unspoken partnership. Many foods are sexual in appearance, while others are known for their aphrodisiac qualities. Take figs. Their sweet fleshy exteriors are velvety to the tongue and the golden seeds that lie within the pod melt within the walls of ones mouth, coating it with sweet and sticky nectar. Ah yes, the gods and goddesses of yore were truly envied for their proprietorship on such succulent morsels. Oh and if you ever look at one, they do resemble a certain treasured source of the female anatomy, but you be the judge. And let us not forget the pre-Viagra fighter for those gentlemen stricken with a lackluster libido: the oyster. Many a nervous newlywed, Roman sailor and up-for-it–man-about-town has sucked down a dozen or so of this shellfish; all in hopes of its testosterone-producing zinc will ignite the loins of carnal suitors. Other well known favorites include strawberries, bananas (so-self explanatory), and pineapples. Throw in some warm chocolate and I see a freaky fondue in someone’s future.
Part of the lure of food is its comforting nature. It brings a smile to the face of many and yes, folks, it’s perfectly fine to crave a naughty treat. It’s even more enticing if that naughty treat is your partner covered in flavored whipped cream or a tub for two filled with champagne (or sparkling cider for you non-drinkers). The menus are only limited to your tastes and possible food allergies. Try a bit of role-play and finally use that apron that’s collecting dust.
For the truly adventurous, why not make a body buffet? Adding some favorite delicacies from this list or your own onto willing human flatware can definitely give a new spin on “eating in”. Just make sure that you clean your plate.