Fat Friday: Sugar Factory Giveaway

Not all Fat Kids Love Cake and Each week I’ll be introducing you to dee-lish treats! Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with Lollipops.Angie with Sugar factory I can’t go anywhere without a Strawberry Sucker. I’m not the only one with a sweet tooth though, celebrities like Mary J. Blige, Snooki, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad and even Nick Cannon are all showing their love for Sugar and proudly displaying their Star worthy Lollipop. Sugar Factory not only has almost any candy you can think of from nerds to chocolate but their sparkling lollipop handles come in an array of colors to satisfy anyone’s fashion style and dozens of flavors to make even the most discerning sweet tooth blissfully happy.

How did I come across this? Well I always felt a little silly dressed to impress out to dinner or shopping with a blow pop and a plain stick hanging out of my mouth. After searching online I found Sugar Factory’s website and the answer to my dilemma. The biggest names in the business Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and the Pussycat Dolls are backing their own line of the blinged out ’Couture Pops’ sported by celebrities who want to look hot while sucking on their lollipops. Even kids or Hello Kitty lovers have something just for them as well.

Among the most popular flavors are Watermelon, Pina Colada, and Bubble Gum and let me tell you the taste is mind blowing, this is no 39 cent lollipop. With prices at about $25 for a handle and lollipop head its definitely an investment but a 3pack of replacement lollipop heads is only $12 so maintaining your stylish sugar habit is less expensive than a Starbucks addiction. If you’re a Vegas diva like me check out their latest store at the Paris Casino & Hotel it has literally everything you could want from Candy to Apparel to an amazing restaurant with a delicious menu as impressive as its Couture Pops.

Want to try out Sugar Factory’s Couture Pop for yourself? Now here is your chance, they have generously given us a over flowing gift basket valued at over $200 and a Britney Spear’s Couture Pop worth $25 for our curvy readers to enjoy.

Tell us about your sweet tooth and food cravings. Yes its that simple just respond to this post and tell us about your food obessesions. It’s ok Today is Fat Friday and I am allowing you to indulge.

2 Winners will be randomly selected from the comments.
Must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States.
Drawing ends 04/14/11 11:59PM (PST)

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  1. Since I dont drink, in college, before me and my buds hit the scene we must stop at the store and grab a lollipop, preferable one that matches my outfit! Its had gotten to the point that my crush would ALWAYS ask me to bring him one from the Blowpop army. Now, in the office my sweettooth is WELL known, whenever there Is something sweet in the office, particularly DARK chocolate and lolipops ill get a phone call from anyone from the account team to production!! An intern even bought be an entire bag of blowpops for a xmas gift one year…lol!! It never fails…around 3:30pm I am scowering my stash for a nice sweet treat to satisfy my craving…it really does make the day go by if not faster @ least easier! Even the convience store owner near the building knows me..”Hey Tami! We ordered a new box of your dark chocolate reese’s cups!” Yea..I’m a regular :-p

  2. I love Sugar Factory and I love Sweets! I actually bought my roommate one of these glitter fab pops for Christmas one year and she loved it! My sweet tooth is outrageous and I always go through craving phases when I crave a particular dessert or type of sweet food (ie. Applebee’s Blondie, candy, etc.). One thing that never fails to change though is my love for APPLE PIE AND ICE CREAM. Never the dutch kind with crumblies, because I love the crust of pie and the crumblies on top take away from it, but apple pie and I are BFFs for life! Yum, love it !

  3. I have a really big sweet tooth. I love love sour candy the most though. Anything thats sweet and sour, I’ve already tried it. I also love chocolate, even though it kinda breaks me out. I love the new snickers square with the peanut butter inside. I think any candy, with chocolate and peanut butter is wonderful. But eating candy is not all my sweet tooth loves. Cake! I mean cheesecake. I love any flavor of cheesecake except with coconut. I dont like coconut. But i love cupcakes too. With whipped frosting, and sprinkles, I really cant resist. Ice cream is good to me, too. My favorite flavored ice cream is Birthday Cake. I really love birthday cake, and having a ice cream that tastes just like it, it even better. All I can say is the my sweet tooth is huge, and is craving all my favorite sweets everyday.

  4. Let me tell you about my sweet tooth and food cravings. Yes it is that, an obsession. I love the sugar high that I receive when crunching on that last piece of candy on that plastic chewy stick. The constant licking and digestion of the sugar into my blood stream keeps me busy and on the go through out my work day. Yes it is ok today because it is Fat Friday and it never hurts to allowing yourself to indulge in sweets. Indulging me on Fridays with my favorite food may vary with the weather or the mood of the day. On hot days it can be a craving for a box of popsicles that can be easily picked up at the store. On a cold day a box of warm sprinkled cupcakes or doughnuts from the bakery which can warm my heart and create a smile on my face. In the summer time it’s CANDY! I love Watermelon and Pina Colada as a flavor for beverages but most of all in hard candy!

  5. Sweets n me hmmm we pretty much don’t leave each others side! Here I am a mother of two the newest in January, working out getting into shape???? Yea im surly trying but my relationship with my sweets I can’t go without lol . Now wether it be a cookie, pie, candy, cake it’s in my mouth and right smack dab into my belly why u ask can’t I turn these sweets down ? Simply because to me they can make a bad day into a great one a sad into happy ext!!!! Better than a man bottom line. Me walking into a store let alone a candy store is scary because I’m like a little kid I want this and that and ooh can’t leave this out and awe wait just one more thing!!! Yes this sweet craze has got me by a hook and ima wheeling in because wether or not I’m working out working playing with the kids or out shopping u can bet I have a bag or sweets on me at all times if not then watch out that’s a bad mood if ever ….. LOVE U SWEET THANGS AND HAVE A SWEET DAY xoxo!!!!!!!

  6. Go sweets

  7. Sweets = my weakness. From chocolate to hard candy I enjoy the good taste of a sweat TREAT. I have two kids and I don’t think they even know my true sweet obsession, then I’d have to share. LOL I’m working on getting it under control but with the delicious offerings by Sugar Factory it makes it hard…bwahhahhahaha…bring on the sweets!

  8. I have a thing for cheesecake! I think if it were the only thing in this world to eat I would have it morning, noon, night.

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE sweets! I’m a huge candy advocate! I definitely support eating healthy but when it comes down to it I need some kind of sweet at least 3 times a day. I have a least one sweet with each meal! I just LOVE the Sugar Factory! I love that they can finally combine my love of fashion, with their adroable rhinestone & blinged out lollipop sticks, with my love for the sweeter things in life! Halloween is my absolute favorite holdiay because its the one day I can eat as much candy and sweets as I want without getting attitude from anyone! I recently gave up french fries (my guiltiest pleasure) for lent and so winning this giveaway will help make me survive longer without french fries!! So PLEASE pick me to win!!! <3

  10. Research proves that Chocolate can uplift a sour mood. On a daily basis, I along with my family devour at least something sweet after dinner every evening. Hard, chewy, sweet and even more sweet. We enjoy anything that allows us to appreciate the meal prior to our dessert. There is no time like the present to appreciate the hard work and ingenuity of those that have created a masterpiece for us to enjoy.

  11. I love SugarFactory… my favorite location is VEGAS BABY!

  12. Sweet tooth…it exist especially for my Great-grandmother’s famous “Hello Dollies” ! It’s a homemade chocolate hard candy with coconut …YUMMY! My main food liking is more meat and potatoes from any culture 🙂 . When it
    comes to hard candy I love to try it from different places like Puerto Rico they have a hard coconut sucker that is so darn good and the Philippines have hard yet kind of soft mango candy that you eat by the dozens. Candy to me should be more than a quick pleasure to the sweet tooth but a trip around the world in different flavors!

  13. Me and chocolate are friends! I don’t get to have it that often because I’m watching my weight but when I do get it.. it’s a love affair!

    Lemon and Raspberry Cheescake is a HUGE favorite of mines as well! mmhmm

  14. I think every tooth in my mouth is a sweet tooth! I love fruits and chocolate. Chocolate and peanut butter are the ultimate combination for me. I love a decadent chocolate cake or banana cream pie. Turtle cheesecake and homemade ice cream are also favorites.

  15. I have always love sweets since I was little. I still love them until today. My favorites are gummy candies fruity and sour. The candy does take me back to my childhood. Candy can be good for the soul.

  16. I love my tootsie pops… Especially the red ones. Its my weakness, but I have learned to cut it down and indulge in 2 or 3 of them a week, if my boys do not find my stash. But they calm me down and they stop me from grabbing that chocolate bar. 🙂

  17. I have the most extreme sweet tooth! Everything must have a level of sweetness to it.. EVERYTHING! Gummy Bears, oreos, Twizzlers, and Chocolate. I did try to give up Chocolate for Lent…….. yeah… its just not working out as I would have thought! Even my every day meals have sweetness in them. Its almost out of control! lol

  18. I have the biggest sweet tooth for any kind of fruity candy but right now since it’s Easter time I can’t get enough jelly beans. I could eat an entire bag a day by myself!

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOvE these glam lollipops!!!!!
    and this PHAT GIRL loves some sugar honey…I don’t think I could ever narrow down to a few select faves but I’ll try I enjoy cheesecakes in almost any variety but turtle cheesecake is an always yep… whenever its presented! I also enjoy cupcakes especially cupcakes from BrownSugar Bakeshop here in Little Rock! They have the most fashionable and trendy couture creations like their Moscato cupcakes…I love their playful Pink lemonade cuppies as well..their flavorings are explosive and you’ll never find anything like them anywhere!!!

  20. Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate! Anything sweet is awesome, but nothing compares to really amazing chocolate. Suckers are also amazing, especially since they last so long. When I have to have something sweet, I just have to have it, or I get cranky!

  21. I am a total chocoholic.

  22. i love something sweet after my meals, especially to end a rough day. There is nothing like having something sweet to nibble on to help a rough day pass away. I love chocolate but pretty much love all sweets! I love a great lollipop, especially in sour apple or grape – YUM!!!

  23. i love chocolate anything chocolate i am love. I love trying new sweet things. I am addicted to candy i got it have it. I love the taste the smell all shapes and all forms. candy should make the world go around.

  24. My name is Niko and I’m a Cho-co-holic!!! Lbvs Since we met chocolate has been my most beloved friend…dare I say family. Lmao. But seriously dark chocolate has to be one of the best things in the WORLD. Oh and Skittles my favorite childhood treat! 🙂

  25. Ice Cream! All year round. Chocolate ice cream with chunks of stuff in it! Lol. Nuts, peanut butter or fudge cups, etc. I love chunky chocolate ice cream! Lol.

  26. I am not a foodie at all, but I am a sucker for hard candy. I keep lollipops, strawberry hard candies, mini jaw breakers, and anything sour stocked in random places around the house and in my different hand bags. When I go out with my girlfriends, I always make sure I have my lip gloss and a lollipop in my clutch. I wish that I could just eat fruity candies and get the nutrition I need for life because nothing makes me happier than sweet candy on a long hard day.

  27. My sweet tooth cravings are usually Ben Jerry Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate with almonds. and even thoug its not a sweet tooth craving. I love that chicken from Popeye’s.LOL

  28. I have a major sweet tooth! My weakness is gum -sweet, sour, fruity. You name it, I like it! Its not uncommon to catch me with 2 or 3 different packs of gum in my purse. I also love this fried banana won ton dish from a local restaurant. I can’t end my day without having something sweet!


    Candy is so sugary sweet and good to eat!

    Sugar Factory’s Couture Pop looks absolutely incredible! Making a lollipop fashionable is genius!

    My personal food obsessions:
    – Ben & Jerry’s “Half Baked”
    – Mini Eggs
    – Cadbury Creme Eggs
    – Cupcakes!!!!!
    – Frosting
    – Gummy Candies (Gummy Bears, Hot Lips, Sour Keys, Ect.)
    – Chocolate
    – Lollipops
    – Cherry Cheese Cake
    – Peanut Butter Cups!!!!!!!!

    Mmmm… now I am hungry! I love Fat Fridays! lol

  30. My sugar obsession is for the chewy kind. Think sugar daddy, big hunk, abba zabba…. Bit o honey. All the favorite, stick in your teeth, I’m the dentists favorite, kind of candies. Yummmm gotta go find a bag of sugar daddies now 😉

  31. I absolutely love sweets anytime of the day! I have a constant sweet tooth aching for sweets most of the time. I love chocolate, especially with caramel and peanut butter like Snickers, Twix, and Reeses’ pb cups. I also love fruity candy like Starbursts, Skittles, and lollipops. I always have at least one of these for dessert each day. 🙂

  32. Hello-

    I love cake…Yay cake! And I can’t get enough of Swedish Fish, definitely my favorite.

    Thank you!

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