Just what is “Sexting?” According to Wikipedia Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones. The term was first popularized around 2005, and is a portmanteau of sex and texting, where the latter is meant in the wide sense of sending a text possibly with images.

Now that we’ve cleared up exactly what sexting is let’s move on to the question at hand; when it comes to a monogamous relationship, can it be considered a form of cheating or is it simply an act of flirting? It all may depend on your definition of cheating. Some consider the act of cheating to be a physical term. Meaning if there was never any type of physical interaction then it would be an innocent act of flirting.

On the other hand many have debated that cheating is an emotional act. Meaning if you share your most intimate feelings with someone other than your spouse or mate then you are cheating. Is there such a thing as emotional cheating? Is sending intimate feelings or pictures of yourself to someone over the phone a violation of the trust that is shared between two individuals? Once the person hits that send button whatever was said or depicted is now open to anyone else who has a phone or internet connections if the phone is shared, lost or stolen. It has no end and can never be erased no matter how many times the delete key is pressed. And you may not only be hurting your relationship but also your reputation as well. Images float around in Cyberspace for years upon years and may resurface at the most inopportune times. Many stars and celebrities have found this out the hard way.

Are those people who believe sexting is cheating being overly sensitive? It depends on the person you ask. I posed the question to several people, most of the men answered yes and most of the women answered no. So this brings us to the gender issue. Do more men feel that it is okay and that it is not cheating when a person is sexting? Are most women just overly sensitive? I can’t say. It would take a much more extensive research process in order to determine the validity of these statements.

When In doubt whether your sexting practices are cheating or a simple act of flirting ask yourself the question “Would I tell or show my spouse/mate the content of this message?” If your answer is no then maybe you should rethink the decision to hit that send button.

I know that I’ve asked quite a few questions here and that’s because I would very much like to hear the opinions of others on this subject matter. Please feel free to pick up the mic and voice your opinion. Let’s talk about it. So I’m now going to hand the mic over to you. Tell me your thoughts. Speak on it!

*Texting photo is courtesy of Wikipedia

Valerie Davis

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